Introduction & General Information

Chios island is located very close to Asia Minor and it is separated with a narrow sea canal from the coasts of Turkey. It is a very beautiful island that is still quite untouched by tourism despite its various beauties such as its wonderful beaches and its superb medieval villages.

Low tourism is due to the fact that Chios was economically self-sufficient for many years because of its shipping industry and the production of gum from its unique mastic trees.

The tranquillity and authenticity of Chios, along with its varied and verdant landscape, its fine villages and its idyllic beaches make this island an excellent holiday destination. The most famous products of Chios are the mastic and the wild tulips that grow on the island every spring.

A notable person from the island was Erasistratus of Chios (310 BC- 250 BC). He was a physician and studied the functions of the human heart in a purely scientific way, through performing dissections on criminals. He founded a medical school in Alexandria of Egypt and is believed to be the first to measure heart palpitations.

Chios today has a modern town with a rich culture. The Homerion Cultural Centre, founded by the Municipality of Chios, helps in promoting arts to the young residents of the island.