Chios Geography

Chios is part of the North Eastern Aegean Islands, located between the islands of Lesvos and Ikaria. The island is very close to Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and it is separated from the opposite Turkish peninsula through an 8 km wide strait. Chios has a total area of 850 sq km and a coastline of 213 km. It has a population of 54,000 inhabitants, half of which is concentrated in the capital, Chios Town.

The geography of Chios has mountainous spots and hilly locations. Actually, it is a semi-mountainous island. Its highest mountain is Pilineo and its highest peak is Prophet Elias, at an altitude of 1,297 meters. Numerous small valleys lay between the mountains and the coasts of the island. The main port of the island is at Chios Town.

Other ports of secondary importance are available in Chios: the one of Lagada on the north, Mesta on the southwest and Limnia on the west. Chios is a verdant island with short vegetation mostly. It is also a very fertile island, producing various fruits and the famous mastic trees, which have played an important role in the history and economy of Chios.

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