Chios Map

Chios is part of the North-Eastern Aegean Islands and lies between Lesvos and Samos, close to the Turkish coasts. The island is known for the world-famous mastic product which is found exclusively there. Chios charms all visitors with its natural wealth, the warm hospitality and the excellent fresh production. The plethora of ancient sites, monasteries and churches, and traditional settlements express a major historical and archaeological interest.

The medieval villages of Chios constitute unique attractions as they are beautifully preserved and look splendid. Mesta in particularly is like a living museum with plenty of stone-built houses of unique architecture. This authentic character can be seen in the majority of Chios villages as well as in the capital, a modern town with many tourists facilities but still traditional. In other words, Chios is an island that combines everything.

This section proposes a map of Chios with all the major locations of the island.

Meanwhile, view a map of Chios and where is Chios.

Map Of Chios