Chios Festivals & Cultural Events

During the summer period, there are celebrations in every corner of Chios for the revival of an old custom or age-old tradition. On such great occasions, locals and visitors are gathered at the central squares of the villages and the feast begins. Plenty of food, wine, and local delicacies, traditional music and dances go on till the early morning hours.

Religious feasts & festivals

Easter celebrations in Chios are very famous particularly for the rocket war that takes place on Easter Saturday, after midnight. Rockets are exploded between the Castle of Chios Town and the Castle of Vrontados.

July 22nd
On July 22nd is the celebration of Agia Markella, the protector of the island. This feast lasts for 3 days and there are many people who go on foot from Chios Town to the Monastery of Agia Markella, on the northwestern side of the island.

August 15th
The largest celebration on August 15th takes place in Pyrgi, in the church of the Virgin Mary. In the evening, the locals gather at the village square and dance pirgoutsikos traditional dancing.