Museums in Chios

Chios has a long history and its culture began to develop during the Neolithic period. Various excavations bear witness to a rich cultural heritage that flourished through many periods. Chios is characterized by its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the authentic character that remains untouched by time. Its medieval villages are considered places of high interest where history is still alive.

For a comprehensive view of the rich history of Chios, you can start from the Byzantine Museum housed in a 19th-century mosque in the heart of the town. Its extensive collection covers a long period from the Christian times to the 17th century with sculptures and marble tombs from the Jewish cemetery. Equally interesting is the Maritime Museum which illustrates the long nautical history of the island through many forms of art like paintings and photos as well as ship models and tools.

In the traditional village of Pyrgi there is a Folklore Museum that depicts the agricultural life in Chios through various items and photo archive. Those who visit the Monastery of Nea Moni will be surprised to see the small Ecclesiastical Museum which hosts an interesting collection of icons and embroideries made by the nuns.