Erasistratus of Chios

The physician Erasistratus of Chios: Erasistratus (304 BC to 259 BC) was born on the Greek island of Chios. He studied in Athens, Kos, and Alexandria. Due to the fact that the burial rituals in Egypt allowed the dissection of animals and humans, he was helped in his research in anatomy. That way, he managed to make out the outline of our physiological system. He believed the body tissues were a plaiting of veins, arteries, and nerves.

Erasistratus discovered also the Antiochus disease. Antiochus, son of the king of Syria, fell ill and Erasistratus, who was the house physician examined him. He did not find anything physically wrong with him. However, he found out that Antiochus reacted in a different way when his beautiful stepmother came to see him. Erasistratus told this to the king who divorced his wife. Antiochus married her and his disease was cured.

In ancient history, this was the first instance of a mental cause of illness. The innovative period of Alexandrian medicine came to a halt after the passing away of Erasistratus.