Chios Local products

The fertile island of Chios is famous for the abundance of local products, which are used in all local recipes that guests can relish every good tavern of the island. Chios is worldwide famous for the mastic product but also for its wild tulips. The mastic trees are situated on the southern part of the island. The most famous drink of Chios is called soumada and is made from the sycamore trees (figs) and almonds. It is a very strong drink. Fresh fish and seafood are another specialty of the island and are cooked in various traditional ways, such as fried with onions or wine.

Other local recipes are the tasty titbits, the local hortokeftedes (herb balls), delicious onion stew and various pies. Local spoon sweets are a tradition in Chios, made with mastic, eggplant, pistachio, cherry, almonds and rose. Chios also produces rose-water and flower water. Fresh fruits and excellent olive and olive oil are fine products of Chios. The village of Anavatos is specialized in fresh honey and healing herbs. Ceramics, embroideries, handmaid cloth and woven multicolored fabrics with traditional designs are also famous products.