Dodecanese Sightseeing

Located on the southeastern side of the Aegean Sea, the islands of Dodecanese are getting particularly popular in summer with millions of visitors. With an intense Medieval style and relaxing atmosphere, they provide nice holiday resorts. Things to see & do in the Dodecanese are many and allow visitors to explore the islands.

Island hopping to Dodecanese islands

As Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and main transportation hub for the complex, many island hopping tours start from there. Very popular is the island hopping from Rhodes to Kos, due to the short distance. However, ferries from Rhodes run to all the islands of Dodecanese, and in fact daily in summer, which gives good chances that tourists visit many islands. Hopping from Rhodes to Kalymnos and Leros is also popular.

Day excursions to the Dodecanese

As the Dodecanese islands are very close to each other and have a good ferry connection, many day excursions can be organized from one island to the island. Day tours from Rhodes to Simi are very popular in summer. Also ferries daily from Rhodes to Halki, departing either from the port of Rhodes Town or from the small port of Ancient Kameiros in Rhodes.

Day tours from Kos to Nisyros are also popular, with boat tours departing daily from the port of Kos Town or the small port of Kardamena. Boat excursions from Patmos to Leros and Lipsi are also organized in summer, while daily ferries also run between Kalymnos and Kos, departing from the port of Mastihari in Kos. Another day excursion is from Karpathos to Kasos.

Day trips from the Dodecanese to Turkey

Due to their close distance to the coasts of Turkey, the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kos have daily ferry connections in summer. Ferries from Rhodes arrive in Marmaris Turkey and ferries from Kos go to Bodrum. This ferry connection serves thousands of passengers to go for day excursions to the other country or continue their holidays there.