Dodecanese Villages

Information about the Villages of Dodecanese islands, in Greece but also information about villages in many Greek islands of the group: The architecture of Dodecanese villages is evidently different than the architecture of Cyclades villages. With more earthy colors and still maintaining features of Medieval architecture, the villages in the Dodecanese islands provide an attractive atmosphere.

The island of Rhodes, in particular, has many villages with evident Medieval features, including the famous Old Town of Rhodes and Lindos. The rest of the villages in Rhodes are more modern, but keep their authentic character intact.

On the other islands of Dodecanese, villages also distinguish for their rich history and natural beauty. Olympos in Karpathos, Chora in Patmos, Chora in Astypalea, Zia in Kos, Chorio in Simi and Nikia in Nisyros are only a few of the most picturesque Dodecanese villages.

Some of the best Dodecanese villages are Rhodes town, Lindos in Rhodes, Simi town, Chora of Patmos, Olympos in Karpathos, Chora of Astypalea, Nimporio in Halki and many more.

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