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Lindos Rhodes: The lovely village of Lindos is one of the most attractive and beautiful villages of Rhodes located south of the capital. It is dominated by a magnificent and imposing acropolis that lies on top. Lindos stands out for its fabulous location beautiful on the slopes of the hill at the top of which lies the ancient acropolis overlooking the picturesque bay.

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The village is built amphitheatrically and consists of whitewashed houses with pebble paved courtyards, narrow alleys and buildings influenced by Byzantine, medieval, Arab and Rhodian architecture.

Apart from the beautiful acropolis that can be reached by foot or donkey, one of the main attractions of Lindos is the old theatre of the town, carved from a rock, and the Doric sanctuary of Athena Lindia which are also worth seeing. Various accommodations of all categories as well as taverns, cafes and romantic bars can be found in the enchanting Lindos.

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  • agnest 25 Apr 2009
    Too little time to see it all
    I was there in high season, July. A friends' wedding was the actual cause of my visit, since they had come to the island for their honey moon and they recommended it to me. So, I came.

    I stayed in a small family-run hotel in Lindos, which gets quite popular with tourists. This is a beautiful place with a fascinating history, lovely shops, wonderful restaurants and nice clean bars. Concerning food, I never had a bad meal or beer! My favorite bar was the "Sunburnt Arms".

    Lindos beach could be kept cleaner, though. I found several bottles in the sea and one day, even a sock! Anyway, there are many more better beaches in Rhodes (Faliraki, Afandou, Tsambika, Kallithea).

    A fun activity is also to rent a boat and make the tour of the island. We would stop in every small cove and swim in some privacy, away from big crowds. We stayed 10 days in Rhodes but I felt there were so many things to see that these days were not enough.