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Archangelos in Rhodes, Dodecanese: The attractive village of Archangelos is located south of the City of Rhodes, on the eastern coast of the island. The narrow streets of the village, its picturesque houses and squares and the kindness of its friendly inhabitants charm every visitor who visits this lovely place.

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Despite the fact that this village is one of the biggest in Rhodes and has a population of 6000 people, the inhabitants of Archangelos preserve their local customs and traditions; bread is still baked in the traditional wood-fired ovens, in the courtyards of the houses, wedding ceremonies are still held according to the traditional way and the idiom of the village is still spoken by many of the inhabitants.

The traditional pottery and carpet-making art is still practised by some of the inhabitants as well as the confection of high leather boots that you will see many of them wearing.

The Church of the Archangel Michael dominates the village and has a fine 19th-century campanile as well as the Church of Saint John which houses beautiful frescoes that date back from the 14th century are really worth seeing. Some streets of the village are particularly picturesque because of the traditional houses filling them. Those beautiful houses are painted with vivid colours and have arches and walls beautifully decorated with ceramic plates from the village of Lindos.

On the main square of the village is a post office, banks, a health centre and a taxi rank. Fine accommodations, cafes and taverns are also available. The castle of Saint John, built by the Knights, is standing on the top of a hill at 10-20 minutes walk from the village.

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