Kos Town

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Kos Town: Kos Town is the capital and the main port of the island. It is built on the north eastern side of Kos, around a vast area full of greenery and lush vegetation. The first inhabitants arrived in Ks during the prehistoric years and remains of that time lie around the port while constitute a major attraction of the island nowadays.

Kos Town combines various architectural styles from the ancient, medieval and modern years. Venetian buildings and well-preserved houses stand amidst shady plantation and lush green areas whereas the wide alleys create a relaxing and charming atmosphere in the town. A walk in the historic streets of the town reveals some of the most beautiful creations of ancient civilizations and the way of life during those years.

Some of the most important sightseeings of Kos Town is the imposing Castle of the Knights of Saint John which stands on the eastern side of the harbour and is connected to the rest of the town by a bridge that crosses the famous Palm Tree Avenue. Its strong fortified walls were used to protect the inhabitants of Kos from the constant piratic invasions. It is worth mentioning that despite the modern infrastructure of Kos Town, the significant sightseeings of Kos are a clear reflection of the long history of the island.

Along the main pedestrian plenty of cafes, taverns, restaurants and shops can be found as well as a plethora of clubs and nightclubs, which transform the town into a hot spot during the night.

Best Hotels & Accommodations


4 stars

Alexandra Hotel in Kos Town offers its guests a tastefully decorated, classic ambiance, a luxurious interior swimming pool and a sauna, great sea or city views and facilities to host business conferences as well. It is an ideal place to relax without missing all modern amenities.



3 stars

Astron Hotel comprises a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Kos Town. Featuring neat accommodation units, two swimming pools and a hot tub, it is a great choice for vacationers who seek lodging without spending too much for their stay.



3 keys

Gelli Apartments is an apartment complex with self-catered rooms and suites, porches with views over the deep blue sea, and shared facilities with a nearby adjoining establishment.


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2 Reviews
  • matthew.buick 19 Sep 2012
    Kos Castle
    This is a lovely old castle, with a very reasonable entrance fee, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be very careful when crossing the walkway bridge to get into the castle. It is very rickety, and the fences MUST NOT be leaned upon. Also, there are no safety fences anywhere in the castle itself, so please be very very careful near the castle walls, or any other edges.
  • Roger_Hill 21 Nov 2007
    Kos Town is a good all round resort
    Always take my main holiday in Greece. I chose Kos Town as I had visited on a day trip from Kardamena many years ago and it seemed a good resort. Additionally, research on the internet indicated that it would be the type of resort I like, lively with a choice of nightlife and beaches.
    Kos Town is a good all round resort. There are various historical sites to see. There are several beaches to choose from, which although not the greatest, are sandy and provide all you could need (Tigaki beach , also Angelika beach on main Kos Town). The nightlife is good with a mixture of lively music cars/clubs in Bar Street but also a good choice of quieter, more relaxing bars for those that prefer that (Four Roses, Kos Town - very friendly service). There is also a good local bus service linking Kos Town to the neighbouring Lambi and Psalidi and also buses further afield. I only went to Tigaki approximately 15 minutes) where there is a wonderful sandy beach and lovely child friendly shallow waters.
    Good choice of restaurants serving Greek and international food. Stadium (near the Marina) was very high standard and Sunrise (near the tourist office) was also very good. Service in all restaurants was good. Food in the beach bars was also of a high standard Grabanna/Tarzan are examples). Don't go all-inclusive as you miss out on discovering the area. With all inclusives you deprive the local businesses of much needed trade.