Kos Ottoman Mosques

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Location: Town

The Ottoman Mosques of Kos Dodecanese, Greece: The rich history of Kos, and all Dodecanese islands in general, has vividly left its mark on the architecture of the islands. That is the case with the mosques of Kos Town, strong reminders of the Ottoman rule on the island, that lasted for about four centuries, from 1523 to 1912. Today, two Ottoman mosques survive time in Kos Town and they can be seen in the center of the city. Although they do not operate today, they remain as historical and architectural landmarks of the past.

The Mosque of Nefterdar in Eleftherias Square was built at the end of the 18th century and it remains a typical sample of Islamic architecture. Some restoration works are done to preserve this historical monument. In a walking distance from Nefterdar Mosque, there is Hanji Hasan Mosque with a huge and impressive minaret. Built in 1786, this mosque is located in Lotzia square, behind the plane tree of Hippocrates, and it has two floors.



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