Kos Casa Romana

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Location: Town

Kos Casa Romana: Casa Romana, which means the Roman House, is an important excavation area. This house shows the architectural style that dominated on the island in the Hellenistic and the Roman Times. It is a beautiful mansion with a style similar to the buildings found in Pompeii. It dates from the 2nd century and was built on the ruins of another house of the Hellenistic period.

Apart from its nice architecture, the house stands out due to its frescoes, the most remarkable of which depicts a panther attacking a bear, as well as its elaborated decoration and statues, which date from the late Hellenistic period and are currently exhibited at the Museum of Kos. This and the rest of the mosaics date from the 3rd century AD.

Regarding its internal distribution, Casa Romana has 36 rooms and a group of 3 atriums, which were supposed to provide light and air to the surrounding rooms. Each of these atriums has a small fountain in the middle. The first atrium used to host a small statue of Asklepius in the hallway. The second atrium has a floor decorated with dolphins and a sea-nymph. In addition, its walls are covered with marble. The third atrium is the biggest of all. Its floors are also covered with mosaic, while its walls have wall paintings.

Casa Romana can be found to the right of Grigoriou Pemptou Street, to the west of Kos Town and very close to the Roman Odeon.



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