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The modest size of Sifnos island makes it easy to explore. The island's western part where the boat arrives, is barren, hiding Sifnos assets at first look, but the harbor is located in the aridest area of the island and, with a little exploration, Sifnos will reveal all its advantages and beauties to the amazed visitor: the eastern half of Sifnos is full of rich olive groves and almond trees, oleanders in the numerous valleys, hillsides covered in wild juniper, beautiful deserted beaches, dovecotes, whitewashed little Cycladic houses, whitewashed chapels, and little churches.

Plenty of nice old walk paths link the picturesque villages and make Sifnos the ideal island for tranquil excursions. Sifnos has a long tradition in amazingly good pottery, a superiority due to the exceptional quality of its clay. Tourism peaks in July and August but it is still tolerable as Sifnos is much less crowded than some other Cycladic Islands. That makes it a relaxed place to enjoy some peaceful holidays although one must not think of the island as deserted.

The nice beaches and the appealing nightlife make Sifnos the ideal place also for those who wish to combine relaxation and fun. However, despite the tourist development, the island has managed to keep its folklife and customs alive.


28 Reviews
  • helen99 01 Oct 2012
    The most beautiful experience
    From the trips I have made in Greece, Sifnos gave me the most beautiful experience. I stayed in Apollonia, the capital where all the taverns, bars and coffee houses are. Anyone who has not yet visited the island, has no excuse because it is only 5 hours from Athens and it has it all, beautiful beaches, great nightlife, food for all tastes, villages for short excursions, interesting routes and historical settlements with a splendid atmosphere.

    Once you are in Sifnos, it is a pity not to explore at least the places close to you. Imagine that only a short breath away from the center is the gorgeous Kastro, the medieval settlement of Sifnos with the castle and the beautiful houses that surround it from the top to the bottom of the hill. A stroll around the romantic streets of Kastro is surely unpredictable, as you go there are some amazing bars sitting right at the edge of the cliff with a fantastic view to the sea.

    One of the most picturesque places to visit is Chrysopigi, first of all you will love the crystalline and calm waters of the beach, a couple of taverns there make the area even more interesting, I ate the best fried pumpkin balls there and then you should not miss a visit at the monastery. There are many hotels in Sifnos but I prefer the rental rooms which are much cheaper and you will find some in great locations.
  • waterlili 07 Jul 2011
    Memorable experience
    My holidays in Sifnos have been a quite memorable experience. Not only for the natural beauty of this Cycladic island, but also for the warm hospitality and the quality of people. We stayed in one of the best rental apartments in Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos, quite strange for our last minute booking.

    We didn't get to see much on the first day but the following days we really had the greatest time. In six days, we managed to see the biggest part of Sifnos, its lovely villages like Artemonas, Platis Gialos with the fantastic beach, Katavati which is located in the highest point of the island and Faros.

    Still, I haven't mentioned the best settlements in Sifnos. Hrysopigi is one of the most graphic villages with the well-known church standing at the top of a rock and surrounded by the crystal clear waters. This church is worth visiting, built in 1650. The beach is located there and the best traditional tavern to find around the island.

    Herronissos is another village that we visited, probably the only one that takes a 40-minute drive to reach. Still, it was an interesting route with great views to the sea. This small village receives many people mostly for its pristine beach with the green waters. Though the beach has a limited space, it is worth finding at least a spot to place your things and dive.

    Sifnos is popular for its countless churches, so don't miss the church of Agios Panteleimonas located near the beach. I saved the best for last which is Kastro, a village built on top of the remains of the ancient town of the island. As soon as you enter Kastro, you are dazzled by its beautiful architecture and its medieval atmosphere. The church of Virgin Eleoussa is built upon a huge rock in the heart of the sea. You need to climb down many steps in order to take a closer look. Kastro will definitely be a place to return to some day.
  • sosal 09 Oct 2010
    Charming in a special way
    We stayed in a pretty pension on the outskirts of Kamares, run by an elderly woman who was hospitality personified. The room was average, but we didn't actually care because all day we were out. Every morning, we used to have a lavish breakfast of fresh orange juice, toast, eggs and coffee in a lovely place, a short walk from the pension.

    Kamares Beach is just beyond the port and it is the one you get to see when you arrive at the port. But we didn't want to swim next to ferries, so we took the bus and went to some wonderful beaches on the southern side of Sifnos. Bus itineraries are good and frequente, depending on the daytime they can be a bit late. For example, midday buses are usually 10-15 minutes late but morning buses are on time.

    Chrissopigi and Platis Gialos are two wonderful beaches with very clean water. Platis Gialos is a bit more organized than other beaches and has some lovely taverns along the shore. Hersonissos is also a nice beach but gets busy all day long (but this is not bad for all people!).

    Food in Sifnos is great and fresh, after all I heard that the greatest chef in Greece originated from Sifnos. Also there is a Cooking Festival every September there but sadly we left a week before the festival.

    There are not impressive sights in Sifnos but you will enjoy the beaches and love the villages. Kastro is the loveliest village but Artemon and Apollonia is also very picturesque to walk. Kastro has some amazing cafeterias, you will find them on your way in the paths and will surely love the view!
  • grimbudds 26 Jul 2010
    Please keep it a secret
    We first stopped in Sifnos in 1994. Since then we have returned every 2 years and have made life long friends. We have seen many changes in the life of the people and the countryside is now being developed as the fast ferries bring more tourists from Athens, but it is still a special place with great beaches. Maria, Angelo and sample her coconut cake with ouzo!! Still an quiet seaside little resort with a hourly bus service, great for children, nice tavernas and a little shop for self catering.
  • ceriw 15 Apr 2010
    First tourists for this summer
    It was the second time we visited Sifnos and this time we enjoyed it more than the first time! The first time we stayed only for two days and didn't see much. The second time we rented a car and explored the island from top to bottom. With a car you can see more than taking the bus plus it's safer than a 4wheeler or motorbike.

    We loved that there was plenty to do but almost no tourists. Chrissopigi and Kamares were great for swimming and both so picturesque. In most cases, we were the only people swimming. Apparently it is too soon for the Greeks and for most locals but we live in the North so Greek spring was like summer for us. The inland of Sifnoswas also very rural that time of year. People were taking care of their sheep, farmers were cultivating land, hildren were playing at the square after school, so many nice pictures that you don't frequently see nowadays.

    For eating, I adored the small taverns right on the sea at Kamares. Kastro and Heronissos had splendid architecture. The food was delicious but not many taverns were open in early April. About half of them had opened. A lot of hotels were also closed. Hotel owners prefered to open from May and onwards to make sure they have enough bookings. No beach bars were open either and only a few cafeterias, but actually we didn't mind. People greeted us like the first tourists for 2010 and we felt a secret pride for this. This was out first visit to Greece for this year, we are coming back again in September for the tour of Crete. See you then!
  • santiag 18 Mar 2010
    Terrific combination of sea and sun
    A terrific combination of the sun and the sea. Sifnos is a traditional island close to Athens. It didn't took us more than 4 hours to get there and another 30 minutes to get from the port to Kamares by taxi. We had booked a lovely 2-bedroom villa with 3 small balconies, a green garden and a terrific view to the sea. The beach was less than 300 metres away and we usually spent all day ay the sea.

    The taverns were delicious, the owners amazing (they even offered to take us with them to Kastro one day when we missed the bus!!). We had heard about the hospitality of the Greeks and had experienced it ourselves in our previous trips to Greece, but people on Sifnos were out of the expected!!! Probably because the island is not very developed and people don't get so stressed in summer, so their attitude is warmer.

    Villages in Sifnos look like each other in architecture. Should I had to say my favourite, I would choose Kastro. Kamares and Platis Gialos are nice beaches. Rent a motorbike for two days and you will see all the island.
  • sam57 15 Jan 2010
    Organize boat trips
    What I liked about Sifnos, apart from the beaches, were the terrific surrounding views. We had a fantastic time in Kamares and our balcony had view to the superb blue Aegean. The huge hills at the background and the gorgeous beach with the open-air cafeterias and taverns were simply fabulous.

    Each day, we used to wake up to a lovely sunrise and in the evenings we walked down to the beaches to enjoy the endearing sunset. Sometimes we took a night swim under the moonlight. So romantic! It reminded us of our honeymoon (sadly, we hadn’t discovered Greece back then!!). The villages in Sifnoshave traditional Cycladic houses. The waterfront shops have the most beautiful ceramic and pottery items. I bought a few of them and I do really love the artwork on these items as it is simply marvelous.

    We rented a motorbike for a couple of days and explored the island ourselves. We discovered nice coves and very few people were swimming as early as May, so we were pretty much ourselves. Platis Yalos and Chrissopigi were the most popular beaches and had very soft sand. My only recommendation is to have boat tours to close islands. For example, it would be great to organize daily boat tips to Serifos or Milos or Antiparos, the three closest Cycladic islands. These boats would leave early in the morning and come back in the evening. It would be much more convenient for tourists than to take the regular ferry.
  • oilu243 18 Dec 2009
    More original than other islands
    Sifnos is nice and quiet but above all I found the island more "original" than some of the islands we have visted in the Cyclades. I found many friendly and helpful people and great beaches. Chrissopigi and Kamares had nice and clean beaches. Hotels were conveniently constructed close to the beach, so we didn't have to walk for miles to find under the hot sun to find our place. The food was great in Sifnos but in some of the villages, there is a very limited number of places. Also I would like some traditional recipes of the island. I read in a brochure that a famous Greek chef was from Sifnosand that the island has a rich cooking tradition, but surprisingly you found the same recipes as in all other islands in the menus. Some variety would be nice. Also more buses are needed. Buses seem to be packed from their departure, so there is no room to take passengers on the way.
  • matina22 02 Nov 2009
    Beautiful houses and nature
    Apollonia alleys may remind you a little bit of Mykonos but Sifnos is different, cool and civilized. A bouquet of absolutely white houses in thin, rocky area. My husband and I could not stop saunting though the medieval town Kastro, the vaulting adits, staring the ancient columns and the reliquaries which are part of Sifnosancient history. Charmed by the most beautiful mansions surrounded by flowers and pine trees, bleaching tabernacles and erected windmills. The island is also famous for its pottery and the interspersed ancient watchtowers. Boulati beach is extraordinary for swimming, while in Marina and Kamara you can rent equipment for windsurfing if you like.
    Try the local honey pie and of course marzipans with lemon or orange and make sure to buy enough to bring them back home since it is a fact that you will eat them all on your way back to Piraeus! Make sure to book your hotel in advance, there are not enough hotels or rooms and during high summer season they are full.
  • loukiach 07 Oct 2009
    True cycladic beauty
    When we went to Sifnos, we were a bit skeptical whether we would enjoy the place or not. It was actually a last-minute choice. But the moment we arrived on this island, we knew that we would have a good vacation here. Our trip to Sifnosoccurred in July, last year. I still remember that I was overjoyed to see the glorious beauty of the landscape. The charming villages, the gorgeous beaches, the winding cobbled alleys and the numerous flowers on the sidewalks rendered a picturesque atmosphere. Even our hotel room was elegantly decorated with exquisite ceramic items. Kastro was our favourite village, really picturesque and quiet. I hate it when people are going loud and make noise in the middle of the street, like in other Greek islands, but this didn't happen with Sifnos. There are no interesting ancient sites on Sifnos but there are beautiful villages and beaches. Some beaches need better protection but most are truly relaxing.
  • andrew.r.holmes 05 Oct 2009
    Treat animals better
    I thought Sifnos was great. We went in September and had a blast, walking is superb. It was also nice to see traditional ways of life still intact on Sifnos even though the tourism industry is well-developed. One thing that was pretty hard to stomach, however, were the conditions that some of the livestock were in, particularly in the small holdings at the foot of Kastro. We saw cattle which were badly emaciated and living amongst bones of other dead creatures. It looked more like footage from an African drought. I really admire some the traditional Greek farmers because it looks like a difficult existence but there's no excuse for treating animals like that.
  • katrinaallen 26 Sep 2009
    We married on this beautiful island
    Me and my partner of 9 years tied the knot in Lazarou (near Platis Yialos) on the 9th September. We invited 50 people over from the UK and Australia. It is a great place for families but also romantic if you want some peace as a couple. The locals were so good to us and everyone really made us feel special. We stayed at Arisitidies Mosxa in Platis Yialos, she only speaks Greek so it's hard if you're not a Greek speaker, what a lovely lady though. It's a quietish island, which still holds onto being Greek! The beaches are nice but not the most amazing in Greece, but the set up in Platis Yialos is great with accommodation and tavernas literally falling on the beach. Night life isn't that great but Kamares is definitaley worth spending an evening in. Nudism isn't really possible here though.
  • mark34 12 Aug 2009
    Villages were the highlight
    Sifnos was highly recommended by a Greek friend who helped organizing our stay on Sifnos. I checked various websites about Sifnos, which provided all good information. Another source of information was my German travel guide, which was indeed very helpful. My impression was that the persons who let rooms to guests should be available via internet or have their own homepages.

    Sifnos was beautiful indeed, there were not many things to do but the villages and nature was nice. Plati Gialos and Kamares were our favourite beaches, but I think in general the Greek islands have better beaches than in Sifnos. The highlight of Sifnos are the villages, all white and traditional. Kastro and Apollonia were excellent and had so nice taverns!

    Food was very delicious though portions may vary in size. We have been trying the usual Tsatsiki or the usual Greek salad and found out that the quantities you get (for the same price) vary a lot. Sometimes we could not help the feeling that being a tourist was not necessarily an advantage. We stayed four days in Sifnos but when we were leaving we thought that one ot two more days would be better, just to go back to our favourite places.
  • andershal 04 Jul 2009
    Clean the beaches
    Sifnos is a typical cycladic island. My husband and I admired its architecture a lot. The narrow streets were much more picturesque than in other islands and people seemed more friendly. Beaches were nice but I was a bit disappointed that there were cigarette ends on the sand. Noboby seems to clean them and this is a pity because all beaches were perfect and with nice environment. Kastro and Apollonia were very nice villages. Buses were good from one place to another but they could get much crowded sometimes. Roads were dizzy and windy because Sifnosis mountainous and some parts are track. Taxis were not that expensive as I expected, they were much more expensive in other islands and certainy in Athens, where they could charge you 10 euros for 20 minutes drive!
  • susiler 14 Apr 2009
    Combine it with another island
    Sifnos is a small island and has not many things to do, except good nightlife and relaxing beaches. I think three or four days there are enough. Better stay a few days on Sifnos and island hop on Serifos or Kythnos. Faros and Apollonia are really Cycladic villages and have nice, reasonably priced hotels. Platis Gialos and Chrissopigi are the best beaches and some beach bars are found around. Transportation on Sifnos is horrible, so rent a scooter to get around more comfortably.
  • dimitragr 09 Jan 2009
    Lovely churches everywhere
    The trip from Piraeus to Sifnos lasts about 6 hours with the slow boat, which is not so tiring. This was my first time to the island. The beaches were not the best in Greece but they had very clean water. Sifnos has many bars to have a drink but the nightlife is restricted in Apollonia, the capital. There aren't many historical monuments but you have to visit every church on Sifnos, which are constructed in the most amazing places. The most beautiful churches are Panagia Chrissopigi and Agios Georgios. The local cuisine is delicious. Don't leave Sifnos without tasing onion pie and traditionnal doughnuts.
  • enricomedico 23 Dec 2008
    Beaches of Sifnos
    In Kamares you will find a sandy beach edged by trees of tamarisco and sandy dunes.
    To the southern extreme of the island you can find three sandy beaches: Platis Yialos, from here with a walk of half an hour between olive-groves and plants of oregano and thyme, you can reach the church of Panagia Chrissopigi, situated on a small island. The beach of Apokofto, is sandy and the shade of some trees can be exploited. The nudists go to Fasolou, situated not too far the beach of Faros.
    The beach of Poulati, is rocky but not crowded.
    The beach of Vathi, one of the best of the island, is reached with a road that departs from Apollonia, there are also some taverns.
    The beach of Cheronisso, in the northern part of the island, is a spectacular place to admire the sunset, there is also a fantastic tavern.
  • akan 08 Jul 2008
    The hotel was very beautiful
    We spent four nights on Sifnos at the Windmill Bella Vista hotel. It was in Artemonas village and we didn't face any difficulty to find it, the locals gave us good directions. The hotel was very beautiful and the location lovely, although it was too windy, especially in the afternoon!! The services were also fine, except for one thing to mention: we expected that the hotel would have a restaurant, but it wouldn't open until the 1st of July, which was something we didn't know. I was also not originally satisfied when I had to pay the whole fee on beforehand, but in the end it worked out perfect.
  • rosaff24 31 Mar 2008
    Natural unspoiled beaches
    The most characteristic feature of Sifnos is its natural, unspoiled beaches. Most of them are not organized, which is a good point because you avoid the noise. You just lie on the sand, under the hot sun and your umbrella. The second feature is the traditional food, especially in the taverns in the countryside. The dishes are healthy and mediterranean with lots of vegetables and delicious fruits. I liked watermelons and melons a lot, which are usually served as a desert. There isn't a wild nightlife on Sifnos and not much to do in the night, but you get so exhausted from swimming and strolling around the island in the daytime that you really don't mind. Just be careful with the ferries, because if it is windy some ferries are cancelled and nobody advises you.
  • Anastassia_V 25 Nov 2007
    Great place to relax
    Great beaches for children at Kamares, Glyfo (Faros). Great beaches for everyone at Fasolou, Platys Gialos (more crowded), Vathy, Glyfo (or Vlycho). Best activity: Laying under the small trees at the beaches all day long! The village of Kastro is a great experience!
    Excellent food and local specialties. Try the Sifnos' specialties: "Kaparosalata" (caper salad), "mastelo" (stewed goat), "revithada". Great fish at Faros tavern in Faros, and for crepes try the Creperie just before entering Kastro.
    However, the authorities should do something to have more frequent cargo deliveries to the island to supply fresh products daily (fresh milk, meat etc), improve the cars' passing through Apollonia on the main street, and control prices.
    Overall, it is a great place to relax and to avoid driving.
  • detligedetuk 29 Oct 2007
    Beautiful Sifnos
    Just returned from a 2 week break on Sifnos. A 17 hour journey to get there from the UK but well worth it; 1 tube, 2 trains, 1 plane, 1 bus, 1 boat, and finally 1 taxi! Hired a car for the whole time I was on the island and so pleased I did because I was able to travel around at my own pace and not worry about the out of season bus timetable! The roads were excellent and apart from a few scary moments with the local bus and a goat (not together!), I had a very uneventful time exploring the island. Stayed in the peaceful walled town of Kastro - an excellent base from which to explore the island. I'm a keen walker and apart from one error on my part I was able to follow and complete some excellent walks. The locals were very friendly and really appreciated my attempts(!) at speaking Greek. I was very sad to leave.
  • t_karima 16 May 2007
    Rent a car and go discover the island
    Hello, I'm Talbi Karima, French, I am 41 years old and I've visited 15 countries. The last one was Greece and the island of Sifnos.
    I arrived on the island by plane with Olympic airways and by boat with normal ferry. The trip was good with no delays. Still this trip from Paris up to Sifnos has been very tiring.
    The reason I went to Sifnos is because I discovered it on the Internet and I must say thanks to your website by the way, and tourist guide also helped me once arrived on the island.
    Actually I did choose Greece and Sifnos because I needed to be sure of enjoying 30° degrees Celsius during this period of end summer and I was right!! From what I did read either on internet or my travel guide (guide du routard) I was sure that beaches and weather and food could be really nice. Concerning Greek people I used to work twice in Greece: once 20 years ago in a Club "Saladi beach" near Nafplio and also on a vessel named "The Mistral" I was cruising from Venice to Pireaus. Concerning the nightlife on Sifnos it was the low season so nothing much.
    My only tip for future visitors would be to rent a car. It's worth it even if local transportation is really good, cheap, on time, and secure. Take with you good shoes and a little lamp to walk around the landscape and take it easy!!! Because Sifnos is a really quiet and cool place to enjoy your holidays.
  • baldoy 16 Nov 2006
    Its still quite authentic and genuine
    Nationality: Itlay

    Age: 26

    Countries visited: 1-5

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by Plane with Lufthansa and boat. The trip was good although we had problems with baggage's delay

    Reasons for going to Sifnos: We saw a great article in the Italian magazine "DOVE"

    Idea before arriving: Just what i had learned from the magazine and friends

    - Island/Area : 9/10

    - Landscapes : 9/10

    - Tree Covered : 8/10

    - Beaches and Waters : 9/10

    - Cleanliness : 8/10

    - Villages beauty : 8/10

    - Main Town beauty : 9/10

    - Food/Restaurants : 8/10

    - Nightlife : 8/10

    - Local People : 8/10

    - Lifestyle : 8/10

    - Activities : 6/10

    - Excursions & Sightseeing : 6/10

    - Prices : 7/10

    - Authenticity : 9/10

    - Peace and quiet : 9/10

    - Weather : 9/10

    Opinion about the accommodations:

    - General, for Accommodation : 8/10

    - Location (surroundings) : 8/10

    - Access (distance from town, beach) : 8/10

    - Facilities (air-condition, telephone, TV) : 8/10

    - Comfort : 8/10

    - Service : 8/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 8/10

    - Price : 9/10

    Opinion about catering:

    - General, for catering : 8/10

    - Quality of food/drinks : 8/10

    - Variety of dishes/drinks : 7/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 8/10

    - Service : 6/10

    - Environment : 7/10

    - Prices : 9/10

    - Access (distance from town, beach, hotel) : 8/10

    Opinion about the infrastructure:

    - General, for infrastructure : 6/10

    - Tourist information (kiosks, maps, etc) : 5/10

    - Telecommunication : 6/10

    - Health service : 6/10

    - Park & Public spaces : 6/10

    Favorite things about the island/area

    -Best Beaches: Vathi

    -Best Villages: Apollonia, Kamares

    -Best Activity: Going to the beach

    Negative opinion about the island:

    No way..Its a very nice place

    Recommendations for future visitors

    Sifnos is a very nice place, infact it's still quite authentic and genuine! The places we'd like best are: Vathi beach, Kamares and Apollonia by night, Odos Oneiron, Kastro and its little roads by night; the people of Sifnos is very quite and nice! If you like genuine and authentic places go to Sifnos!

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries


  • bacmer_jin 19 Dec 2005
    Peacefulness and cleanliness
    Nationality: Luxembourg

    Age: 42

    The trip: We came on Sifnos Island from Santorini via the high speed boat. The trip was very good and on time. It was arranged by Aegean Thesaurus.

    Reasons for going to Sifnos: I wanted to visit Greece and wanted to see the famous Santorini and then to find a quieter island, unspoilt by development, rural and relaxed. Not lots of people and no mcdonald's. I found the island on the internet.

    Idea before arriving: Quiet, picturesque and a good place to chill out.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it is better than what we expected. Much smaller and very pretty with very friendly local people.

    Favorite thing about Sifnos: Peacefulness and cleanliness. Especially the beaches which are so clean. Good food and service in the restaurants. laid back atmosphere. Much more human than busy Santorini.

    Negative opinion: Overhead power cables everywhere which looks ugly. They would be better underground.

    Recommendations: Sifnos is a lovely island to visit if you want a relaxed holiday in a beautiful setting.

    We would love to go back to Sifnos.
  • karen11 09 Nov 2005
    Like it but transfer problems
    Nationality: USA

    Age: 31

    The trip: Trip on fast speed ferry was confortable. Impossible to find a taxi when we arrived. Bus was fine.

    Reasons for going to Sifnos: It was recommended to us by Athenians as beautiful, clean and well taken care of and not too crowded.

    Idea before arriving: I expected a pretty island without big crowds like other islands in Greece (Santorini or Mykonos).

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it really met my expectations. SIfnos Island is just wonderful. I love: the beaches of Faros and Platy Gialos, the villages of Kastro and Appelonia, the food and our accommodation.

    Favorite thing about Sifnos: Our hotel, the local restaurants and the short distances between beaches and villages. Churches are beautiful.

    Negative opinion: I worried much about the drivers.

    Recommendations: Just to be prepared not to find any transfer at your arrival on the port. Better arrange transfer with the hotel.

    YES, I loved the island of Sifnos and really like Greece so there is a big chance for me to go back to Sifnos soon enough
  • raphio_c 06 Oct 2005
    Quiet island
    Nationality: French

    Age: 34

    The trip: By plane, then by boat. I got sea-sick so I can not really say that I had a nice trip. But it wasn't bad.

    Reasons for going to Sifnos: It seemed quiet. It was recommended by french friends and was never been in Greece before.

    Idea before arriving: Nothing special. We were only expecting good surprises.

    Expectations and opinions: It met completely my expectations. I loved this place.

    Favorite thing about Sifnos: The quietness and the family atmosphere.

    Negative opinion: Not much negative except from the many cigarettes on the beach.

    I would love to come to Sifnos Island and Greece in general.
  • morvan 29 Sep 2005
    Very very beautiful
    Nationality: French

    Age: 49

    The trip: I came by plane to Athens and then ferry from Piraeus.

    Reasons for going to Sifnos: I red about Sifnos Island on the "Guide du routard" and looked a nice island and typical.

    Idea before arriving: That I would have nice quiet holidays on a beautiful island.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations and it was very-very beautiful. The people were very plesant.

    Favorite thing about Sifnos: A lot of place to visit and many things to see.

    Negative opinion: Nothing negative about Sifnos. I adore it.

    Recommendations: The island is very beautiful and Greek people are very lucky to have such tresors in their seas. But a great effort must done in order to preserve it and control new constructions, You must not do the same mistake that the Turkish are making or that Spain and France has already made.

    I will definitely get back there.
  • elena_nafarate 26 Sep 2005
    Lack of beaches but wonderful villages
    I went to Greece last August for a few days with some friends of mine and we spent a few days on Sifnos Island.

    I had a good time because I was with good company but I can?t say that I really liked the island because I found that its beaches weren?t that good. I have been to various islands of the Cyclades and Sifnos wasn?t my favourite. The camping was great though (the one on the port) and the capital, the town of Apollonia was really beautiful with an architecture typically Cycladic; the houses were small and whitewashed, the alleys white and narrow and purple and bright pink flowers were decorating the walls of the houses. The village of Kastro was also great; it was my favourite place on the island; it is a small village perched on the top of a hill, with white houses, a lot of ancient ruins used to built the houses (unique and unforgettable image) and a tremendous view. If you go there, check the little bar on the edge of the village: it has a great ambience and a wonderful view.

    But I think that the island has a lack in beaches. There are not that many and for that reason there are overcrowded.