Introduction & General Information

The modest size of Sifnos island makes it easy to explore. The island's western part where the boat arrives, is barren, hiding Sifnos assets at first look, but the harbor is located in the aridest area of the island and, with a little exploration, Sifnos will reveal all its advantages and beauties to the amazed visitor: the eastern half of Sifnos is full of rich olive groves and almond trees, oleanders in the numerous valleys, hillsides covered in wild juniper, beautiful deserted beaches, dovecotes, whitewashed little Cycladic houses, whitewashed chapels, and little churches.

Plenty of nice old walk paths link the picturesque villages and make Sifnos the ideal island for tranquil excursions. Sifnos has a long tradition in amazingly good pottery, a superiority due to the exceptional quality of its clay. Tourism peaks in July and August but it is still tolerable as Sifnos is much less crowded than some other Cycladic Islands. That makes it a relaxed place to enjoy some peaceful holidays although one must not think of the island as deserted.

The nice beaches and the appealing nightlife make Sifnos the ideal place also for those who wish to combine relaxation and fun. However, despite the tourist development, the island has managed to keep its folklife and customs alive.