Sifnos Geography

Sifnos is part of the Western Cyclades Islands, near Serifos, Kimolos, and Milos. It is part of the Cycladic complex and geographically it belongs to the Eastern Cyclades. Sifnos is an independent municipality whose seat is the village of Apollonia. It has a triangular shape, with many mountains, hills and fertile valleys covered by olive and almond trees.

The island is situated 75 nautical miles from Piraeus. It has an area of 74 square km and a coastline of 70 km in length, with many picturesque coves and small inlets. Sifnos has about 2,000 permanent inhabitants and its geography is strongly connected to the local history.

The highest point of Sifnos island is the Profitis Ilias hill that rises at 680 meters and is located in the central part of the island. Sifnos has no lakes or rivers but many streams come from the mountains such as the Leivadas stream which is 5,5 km long and passes through the central part of the island and pours into the bay of Kamares.

The geography of Sifnos is characterized for its many wonderful beaches and coves with crystal-clear emerald or deep blue waters, ideal for all kinds of water sports. The many stone paths uniting the picturesque villages and the beaches of the island make it a real pleasure for long and unforgettable walks. The capital of Sifnos is Apollonia and the main harbor is Kamares.

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