Churches in Sifnos

The churches, historic monasteries and picturesque chapels of Sifnos are spread throughout the island at the most remarkable spots inspiring visitors with their unique architecture and beautiful frescoes. Sifnos reveals excellent monuments which are worth exploring.

One of the most beautiful churches in Sifnos is Panagia Angeloktisti ("built by an angel") church located in Katavati village, close to Apollonia. It is decorated with mosaic floors and remarkable frescoes. On the way to the village of Platis Gialos is the Holy Monastery of Chrissopigi. It is the saint protector of Sifnos and the rock is entirely cut off from the rest of the island, connected only via a small bridge. It is a symbol of Sifnos and one of the most photographed sites of the island.

At the highest peak of Sifnos is built the monastery of Prophet Elias Ypsilos. The entire complex includes the main church and is surrounded by walls, underground galleries, basement rooms and the monk cells which now accommodate the visitors. A little closer to the capital of Sifnos, just outside Apollonia is the monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos. The 16th-century church hosts some beautiful icons made from Cretan artists.

In the medieval village of Kastro, you come across the church of Seven Martyrs, standing on top of a rock in the sea. It is the most photographed site of the island and visitors can access by the stairs carved into the rock.

Sitting on top of a cliff, between Apollonia and Platis Gialos is the monastery of Panagia tou Vounou (Our Lady of the Mountain). It was founded in 1813 by the monk Gerasimos Avranopoulos and offers a great view to its surroundings. Outside the village of Exambela is the monastery of Panagia tis Vrysis (Our Lady of the Fountain). This historic monastery was built in 1642 and played an important role in the social life of the locals. Inside the premises, there is the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art and Tradition with various artifacts, manuscripts, holy vessels, and vestments.

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Church of Seven Martyrs

The small church of Seven Martyrs has been built on a rocky peninsula right before the entrance to Kastro. Today, it has become the symbol of the whole island.
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Monastery of Chrissopigi

The Monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi is located on top of a small, rocky peninsula that is connected to the rest of the island with a small bridge. The monastery was established in 1650 and it is considered the protector of the island.

Monastery of Panagia Vryssiani

The Monastery of Panagia Vrysiani is located 1 km south of Exabela. This is a historical site as this monastery played an important role in the revolutionary fights of the island. The monastery is open to visit and hosts an interesting museum with ecclesiastical items and rare books.
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Monastery of Prophet Elias

The Monastery of Prophet Elias Ipsilos is located on the highest peak of the island, at an altitude of 690 meters. The complex is surrounded by walls, underground galleries, cells and rooms for the accommodation of visitors.

Monastery of Panagia Vounou

Platys Gialos
The Monastery of Panagia Vounou (Virgin Mary of the Mountains) stands on top of a hill above Platis Gialos. It was constructed in 1813 and it hosts a beautiful icon of Panagia Machairousa.

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