Sifnos Chrissopigi Monastery

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Location: Chrissopigi

The Monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi in Sifnos, Greece: The Monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi is located on top of a rock, literally upon the sea. This is one of the most famous spots of Sifnos and protector saint of the island. Established in the 16th century, this monastery was built on top of an older church. It hosts the icon of Panagia that was found by fishermen floating in the sea. This icon is thought to be miracle-working and the locals believe that it has saved the island from many dangers.

Although the church would normally celebrate on first Friday after Easter, instead it celebrates on the day of the Assumption of Christ, 40 days after Easter, like that day in 1676 the icon saved the island from an epidemic plague that had already killed 100 people.

According to the local tradition, in the Medieval ages, nuns would live in the monastery. After an invasion from pirates, the nuns ran to hide but one nun did not manage to leave on time. Chased by the pirates, the nun prayed on Virgin Mary to save her and this is when the rock of the monastery was cut in two and the pirates fell into the sea. This is the local explanation why the rock on which the monastery is built is separated from the rest of the island with a narrow stretch of sea.

The name Chrissopigi was given to the monastery by monk Parthenios, who also registered in 1677 all the miracles of the Virgin Mary. He was Cretan in origin and named it after the Monastery of Chrissopigi in Chania Crete, where he resided before coming to Sifnos.



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