Sifnos Greece is famous for its fine pottery for many centuries which has become one of the primary sources of revenue for the island.

It is a real pleasure to take a look at the traditional pottery and ceramics shops and observe the artists creating magnificent pieces of art and buy one of those.
Plates, cups, glasses, pitchers, water jars (called stamnes), special cooking vessels (called tsikalia and used to prepare the tasty oven-roast meat, the mastelo) and pure artistic pieces of work can be found in those traditional pottery shops.

The best pottery and ceramics shops of Sifnos Island are located in Kamares, Herronissos, Platis Yialos, Apollonia and Vathi.
The most famous of those shops is the ceramics workshop of Antonis and Tzannis Kalogirou, situated on the main harbour side lane at Kamares.

Pretty handmade textiles, embroideries, bags, woven carpets and products made of straw-weaving (especially hats) can be found in many shops at the market place and in various villages of Sifnos.
Those entire products are fine works of art for Sifnians are mainly engaged in primary production occupations and give particular care to continue their activities and productions according to their local tradition.