Sifnos Seven Martyrs church

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Location: Kastro

The Church of Seven Martyrs in Sifnos: The small chapel of the Seven Martyrs is probably the most photographed spot of Sifnos island. It is found in the beautiful Kastro village and sits on the top of a rocky islet that emerges from the sea. When the wind blows strong, the church is hit by the strong waves and creates a wild, picturesque scene. The church of the Seven Martyrs is built according to the traditional Cycladic architecture, as it is painted white and has a round, blue dome.

It is linked to the main island with some stairs along the rock. A few people swim by this church, but this can end up pretty dangerous because of the abrupt rocks and the winds that blow often. It is usually closed and open for the pilgrims only on special occasions and religious celebrations.



1 Reviews
  • sosal 08 Oct 2010
    Would be nice for weddings
    Very nice church at the entrance of Kastro, the loveliest village in Sifnos. This small chapel is built on a rock in the sea. Surprising that the strong wind and the waves haven't damaged it! I think this is a very nice place for weddings, but I don't think it is open very frequently. I asked a shop owner in Kastro and he told me that the church rarely opens, only in religious holidays sometimes. Too pity! This small church usully appears on postcards and guide books about Sifnos, and obviously it has become the symbol of the island!