Sifnos Local products

Sifnos is known for its fine cooking and pottery tradition. Actually the famous chef Nikolaos Tselementes originated from the island of Sifnos. This man wrote the classic cooking book that every Greek household owns today. The Sifnian cuisine is characterized by the use of clay pots and ovens to make heavenly tasteful stews and casseroles.

Some of the famous Sifnian food specialties are the mastelo, which is oven-roast lamb, the revithada, which is a chickpea soup, local tasty cheese such as manouri and myzithra and succulent sweets, such as loukoumia (Turkish delight), amygdalota fournou (oven-baked marzipan) and pasteli (roast caramel with sesame seeds).

Some of the finest local products of Sifnos are ceramic pots, olives, olive oil, excellent homemade wine, good almonds, fresh onions, capers, succulent figs, sesame seeds, golden thyme-flavored honey, and scented citrus fruits.