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Kastro Village Sifnos: Kastro village is a lovely cliff-top village situated at 5 kilometres east of Apollonia. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the sea and is inhabited since the prehistoric period, as testify the many findings coming from the various archaeological excavations.

Kastro has been built in the ruins of the ancient capital of Sifnos and is the only village of the island with a strong medieval character. A big part of its boundary walls survives as well as the features of a Venetian fortress. Narrow little streets,old entrances called the lozies, beautiful two-storey houses, superb old mansions and 16th and 17th century churches with ornamental floors compose the incredible beauty of Kastro.

Venetian coats of arms and ancient wall-fragments can still be seen on most of the houses of the village. Visitors can also see some remains of the ancient acropolis and a small archaeological museum. Rooms for rent, taverns, bars and cafes will provide you the best holiday experience.

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Aegean Eye

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Featuring a terrace with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, Aegean Eye Apartments offers authentic Cycladic accommodation in a serene and peaceful setting in Kastro. The hotel has a traditional Cycladic style and its minimally decorated rooms have a home-like atmosphere.


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2 Reviews
  • sosal 08 Oct 2010
    Would be nice for weddings
    Very nice church at the entrance of Kastro, the loveliest village in Sifnos. This small chapel is built on a rock in the sea. Surprising that the strong wind and the waves haven't damaged it! I think this is a very nice place for weddings, but I don't think it is open very frequently. I asked a shop owner in Kastro and he told me that the church rarely opens, only in religious holidays sometimes. Too pity! This small church usully appears on postcards and guide books about Sifnos, and obviously it has become the symbol of the island!
  • payne 27 Sep 2007
    Relaxing in Kastro
    We stayed in a small town called Kastro and loved it. The restaurants were great, there were good bus connections to other towns and the swimming was fine. Though it was a walk to get to the beaches or rocks, they were clean and relatively quiet. As for the restaurants, they were really good. Fresh octopus at Captain George was a highlight. Kastro hasn't got much in the way of shops or supermarket but Apollonia is not far and has plenty of shops and some nice restaurants too. The best beach was Peralia - we did not really go anywhere else!
    At this point I'd like to tell the authorities: Make sure the buses run according to schedule! Better information on arrival in the port of Kamares. We had no idea how to get transport to Kastro and every taxi was booked. No-one was able to provide us with bus schedules either!
    My recommendation to future vitors: Have someone pick you up at the port and if you want to see the island, hire a scooter or a car. We were happy to stay local but not everyone would have been.