Sifnos Pottery

The Pottery Tradition of Sifnos: Sifnos has been renowned for its pottery since ancient times. The earliest samples of pottery in Sifnos are found date back in the early Cycladic period. Sifnos is till today the best place in Greece to find quality pottery. Contributing to this, are the abundance of raw materials, the high quality clay and the natural creative skills of local artisans.

Initially, pottery workshops also called tsikaladia were set up near Artemonas and Ano Petali, places hidden from the sea to protect them from pirate invasions. Later on, they were transferred to the island's bays, especially in bays protected from the strong northern winds.

By the 18th century, many potters from Sifnos moved to other parts of Greece to sell their works and settle there. Their most common destinations were Lesvos and Maroussi Athens, where there is a colony of Sifnos potters till date. The ceramics they made ranged from those of domestic use, including utensils like plates, cups, pitchers, glasses and water jars as well to other objects of use like milking pots, flaroses, dipselis and other special cooking vessels to pure artistic pieces.

Today, centuries after the art of pottery began in Sifnos, it is still a major source of revenue for the island. You will still find plenty who practice pottery just as their forefathers did.