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Exabela Village Sifnos: Exabela is a beautiful, traditional village only a couple of km from Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos island. The village is quiet and well reputed for its agricultural activity. It consists of pretty well-maintained houses and paved streets. The village is quite exposed to the strong winds and many traditional yet well-preserved windmills adorn the small town.

In addition, the beautiful Cycladic churches are a integral part of the village and really worth visiting among them is the church of Panagia and the church of Saint Nicolas. The most important is the 15th century church of Panagia Vryssiani that played a notable role in the revolutionary efforts of the Greek nation. Exabela is home of two eminent Greek personalities: the poet Aristomenis Provelegios (1850-1936) and the known cook Nikolaos Tselementes (1878-1956). It is a serene settlement with some nice accommodation, restaurants and local shops.

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Ecclesiastical MuseumMonastery of Panagia Vryssiani

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