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Apollonia Village Sifnos: Apollonia is the capital of Sifnos since 1836 located literally in the heart of the island. The town is dedicated to the worship of the God Apollo. The village itself is a beautiful site as it is built amphitheatrically around three hills. The picturesque village consists of narrow stone paved streets, Cycladic style houses decorated with bright coloured flowers and whitewashed arches.

A walk in the picturesque town of Apollonia reveals many beautiful churches like Agios Spiridonas, Panagia Ouranofora and Agios Ioannis. For those interested in the history of Sifnos can visit the Folklore Museum that hosts interesting exhibits, including a collection of textiles, costumes, weaponry and paintings.

Apollonia is the commercial and administrative centre of Sifnos providing a variety of services from travel agencies to banks and pharmacies, shops and gas stations. You can taste the popular cuisine of Sifnos at the various restaurants, pastry shops and Greek taverns. Apollonia offers a beautiful setting for your morning coffee and night walks.

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Folklore MuseumMonastery of Prophet Elias

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  • ursula39 01 Dec 2010
    Small but interesting
    A small museum with two only two rooms but very interesting. I think it gives a nice view of traditional life in Sifnos and in the other Cyclades. The building looks like a house and you will surely see it as you wander around the village. If I remember well, it is next to a church. Sadly the museum is open only in the mornings, so you have to lose a couple of hours from swimming to visit. After all, there are barely any other sights/museums in Sifnos.