Holiday in Naxos

So it is time to plan your upcoming holiday in Naxos; this is amazing! Despite not being the epicenter of the limelight regarding Aegean's most cosmopolitan destinations, Naxos is never far behind in experiences to offer. As the largest one of the Cyclades complex, the gem of Naxos is multifaceted; from a rich historical past and verdant forests on its mountainous sides to an outdoor activity hub and shimmering seashores that can steal your heart.
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With that said, your time and convenience are important to us; hence, we compiled a brief guide with all the services and activities you could need regarding Naxos and your summer vacation on the fascinating Cycladic island. It is always better to keep things (and info) neatly organized.

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How to organize your holiday in Naxos? Find all your answers below:
Step 1: Arriving at Naxos; selecting the best route for you
Step 2: Accommodation in Naxos; finding the ideal lodging of your preference
Step 3: Car Rental in Naxos; booking a vehicle for your island exploration
Step 4: Discovering Naxos; from local history to sandy beaches
Step 5: Activities & Tours in Naxos; completing your holiday with adventure and fun
Step 6: Dining in Naxos; savoring the local delicacies and great recipes


Get to Naxos

Arriving at Naxos; selecting the best route for you

First of all, you have to find the best means of transport for your arrival at Naxos.
By plane: Conveniently enough, the island hosts a national airport with many flights arriving from the capital of Athens. More than ten flights per week are departing from Athens to Naxos during the high season, with a duration of only 40-45 minutes, and priced at about 110-200€ per person. The plane is the ideal option if you do not wish to spend a lot of time traveling to Naxos and would rather begin your adventure as soon as possible.

By ferry: If you prefer enjoying the trip just as much as the destination, booking ferry tickets is a fun option for enjoying the Aegean breeze and taking memorable photos.
There are daily ferry routes from the port of Piraeus in Athens to Naxos, with an average duration of 5 hours. Some of the operating ferry vessels offer passenger cabins and vehicle garages for an extra charge.

Book your ferry tickets through our Awarded Ferry Service and use Skyscanner for flights to make the most out of your holidays in Naxos!


Naxos Hotels

Accommodation; finding the ideal lodging of your preference

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands and, as such, provides a variety of rooms, hotels, and villas. In Greeka, we believe that accommodation is a vital aspect of every vacation; thus, we have hand-picked the best options for your convenience. From honeymooners to family traveling and from adventure-seekers to young party-frequenters, Naxos has a fitting place for them all.

You can browse through the top-rated accommodation options and book your lodging easily and stress-free.
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Naxos Car rental

Car Rental; booking a vehicle for your Naxos exploration

Renting a car or motorcycle is usually the go-to option for first-timers on a holiday destination and a convenient investment for returning travelers. It is not fun wasting time while attempting to suit your whole itinerary within the local transportation options (if there are any in the first place) and timetable.
Especially when it comes to Naxos, a car rental is strongly recommended if you plan to make the most out of your time on the island. The local bus routes do not cover the mountain roads efficiently and are not that frequent throughout the day either. A car allows you to explore the fascinating Naxian mainland at your own pace and privacy while significantly diminishing the trip duration.

Book your car rental with us and enjoy your holiday in Naxos to the fullest.


Naxos Things to do

Discovering Naxos; from local history to sandy beaches

Naxos is one of the finest Cycladic holiday destinations as it blends a past rich in history, delicious local cuisine with Naxian ingredients, picturesque architecture, and untouched villages. To top it all off, its beaches are praised for their clarity, sandy feel, and pristine waters. Naxos sets the vacation standards high and then surpasses them.

Here in Greeka, our goal is nothing less than the absolute satisfaction of our customers; for that, we gathered all aspects of Naxos you could need regarding a better understanding and deeper acquainting with the hidden gems and placed them in categories. Every single one of the top things to do during your vacation is neatly listed for your convenience.

Moreover, the finest beaches have been organized in a detailed manner so that you do not miss any during your upcoming holiday in Naxos.

Moving away from the natural scenery and into the traditions of Naxos, it is true that civilization would be incomplete without its people. There is hardly a better way of learning the local culture than by exploring the local settlements and villages and interacting with the Naxian people. No need to be shy; Greek people are warm, welcoming, and always proud to show you around or converse with travelers about the local ways and traditions. We highly recommend you indulge in some sightseeing of Naxian history to marvel at its ancient and Byzantine past. With plenty of museums, charming monasteries, and awe-inspiring monuments, your Naxos holiday would be incomplete without a visit to them.


Naxos tours & cruises

Activities & Tours; completing your holiday with adventure and fun

Every traveler will want to spend their holidays tanning on the enticing beaches of Naxos and tasting the Greek cuisine they've heard so much about. Those are great, but that is not all this unique destination has to offer. Naxos is a marvelous island, and you want to explore it as much as possible; that is when our great touring routes and thrilling cruises come in handy.

From island hopping and daily excursions to nearby Cycladic destinations that will leave you mesmerized to historical tours and Naxian cooking classes to hone your knowledge and skills, we got it all set for you. But the fun does not end there. We highly recommend grabbing the chance to gain a new set of skills with our windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons at the Laguna and Mikri Vigla seashore; we can guarantee you a fascinating time.

Last but not least, for those who prefer a combination of nature gazing and exploration, we highly suggest booking one of our biking, walking, or hiking tours in Naxos.

For a closer and more detailed read, we invite you to discover all of our available day tours & cruises.


Naxos restaurants

Dining; savoring the local delicacies and great recipes

A Greek saying goes like this: Love travels through one's stomach. It means that if you fall in love with someone's delicacies, the rest soon follows. Such is the case with Naxos, claiming its spot as one of the finest Greek cuisines in the Aegean region.
Naxian-grown products are of top quality and adorn the meals in its restaurants and taverns. From meat lovers to pescatarians and vegetarians, the local flavors will stay with you long after your holidays.
We invite you to discover the exceptional restaurants efficiently organized in a detailed list for your convenience.

Dive into the best summer holidays in Naxos and create your everlasting memories as the best souvenirs to bring back home.