Introduction & General Information

The combination of blue and white, windmills and scenic geography give to the island its famous Cycladic beauty.

Nevertheless, Andros island goes beyond that. It is an exception among the islands of the Cyclades: combined to the traditional Cycladic elements are successive ranges of mountains with steep slopes which are separated by ravines, deep gorges, riverbeds and three verdant valleys planted with olive trees, figs, oranges, lemons, and vineyards. One of these valleys is Dipotamata, a lush green area to the southeast. Sandy and pine-shaded beaches complete the lovely picture.

As a unique Cycladic island, Andros combines upland greenery with fine sandy beaches, organized or deserted, beautiful mountain villages and seaside ones as well as numerous water sources, such as the ancient springs of Dionysus and small waterfalls. In fact, Andros is famous for its pure water, which is bottled under the trade of Sariza.

Gavrio is Andros main port where all the ferries from Rafina arrive. Its capital is Hora, or Andros town, which is also the second most important harbor of the island. Because of its proximity to the second most important harbor of Athens, Rafina, the island of Andros has become the favorite weekend destination of the majority of the Athenians. The friendliness of its inhabitants adds one more important element to the list of the numerous charms of Andros.

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