Andros Springs of Dionysus

The Springs of Dionysus on Andros Island: The Springs of Dionysus are located along the way from Chora to Stavropeda area, via a slight detour through Menites village. The area around Dionysus Springs is picturesque with beautiful landscapes of fountains and old trees. It is a lush green area and really great for trekking. This region is associated with the ancient culture and in particular the Dionysian worship.

People in the ancient times used to believe that the springs gushed from the ancient Temple of Dionysus and that they flowed with wine during the day of his celebration. Indeed, recent excavations have unearthed the remains of an ancient temple very close to the springs.

The mineral water that gushes out of the lion head statues today is said to have therapeutic properties. In the antiquity, the water that used to flow from the crevices in the rocks was carefully collected. As it was a sacred liquid, it was used strictly for ritual purpose and not for any ordinary use.