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Andros is the second largest island in the Cyclades, after Naxos with dense vegetation, running waters and endless rural areas. Paleopolis identifies with the ancient identity of Andros located on the steep slopes that overlook the bay. The ancient settlement flourished during the Roman and early Byzantine period, findings of which are now kept in the archeological museum of Andros.

The Archeological Museum of Andros lies in Chora, in Kari square. It was established on the initiative of the Goulandris Foundation in a beautiful building that was founded in 1981. The museum owns a collection of fascinating finds from the geometric era, the ancient town of Paleopolis and other regions of the island that were brought to light during the excavations. The most important artwork found in the museum is the statue of Hermes, made by Praxiteles.

In the heart of the town lies the Museum of Modern Art. It exists since 1979 and hosts a fine collection of works of renowned Greek artists such as Tsarouchis, Nikolaidis, and others. In 1986, a new section was added to the museum that enriched the existing exhibition, including also a library and a projection room. The museum organizes art exhibitions and other cultural events during the summer period.

Andros was the Aegean maritime center in the 19th century, a period that has left several traces which are now stored in the Maritime Museum of Andros which was founded in 1972 at the center of the island. Its collection includes nautical items, shipping documents, models of old vessels and other exhibits that bear witness to the strong connection of the locals with the sea.

Kydonieos Institute is located in the capital of Andros, along Kari Street. It was established in 1994 and over the years it has become the cultural center of Andros being the main host of several art exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events. The old renovated house of Theofilos Kairis, one of the leaders of the Greek revolution in 1821 is open to the public displaying a great photo archive and thousands of books from his private collection.

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Goulandris Museum of Modern Art

The Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art was established in 1979 and organizes painting exhibitions of local and foreign artists. This is the most important museum of Andros.
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Nautical Museum

This museum presents the entire history of Andros merchant marine, from the ancient times to our day. It is located in Chora, up in the square of the Unknown Sailor.
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Kairis Library

This library is housed in a wonderful Neoclassical building in Chora. The library contains about 3000 tomes from the collection of Theofilos Kairis, who was a scholar and priest in Andros (1784-1852). In summer, some art exhibitions are organized in the new exhibition area of the library.
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Cyclades Olive Museum

In the mountainous village of Ano Pitrofos, close to Menites, is the Cyclades Olive Museum. This is a private museum housed in a restored oil mill, showing the traditional way of animal-powered olive production.
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Archaeological Museum

Situated in Kairi Square, just in front of the Museum of Modern Art, the Archaeological Museum of Andros was built in 1981, sponsored by Goulandris Foundation. The two floors of the museum hosts findings from excavation sites on the island, such as sings, marble statues, tools, and pieces of weapon.

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