Andros Architecture

Andros is a very interesting island in Greece probably because it is not a typical example of Cycladic architecture but rather a mixture of different characteristics. Typical Aegean type houses that coexist with neoclassical buildings, Venetian towers, and fortresses, towers like the Hellenistic Tower of Agios Petros, old watermills and fountains create this beautiful setting of unique harmony.

The architecture of Andros has many aspects but it is especially known for the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the cultural identity that preserves the last decades. Around the Chora of Andros and the picturesque villages, one can see perfect examples of rural houses standing close to Venetian towers.

Equally impressive are the beautiful mansions that can be found around the island which were built during the Turkish rule painted with different colors. Another characteristic of Andros island is the many dovecotes that adorn the island and can be found mostly in Korthi region. Stone structures built in geometric shapes forming triangles, diamonds and circles give the island a beautiful tone.

Visitors will find many hotels in Andros that have been created with respect to the traditional Cycladic architecture.