Andros Local products

Andros Island is famous for its pure and excellent quality mineral springs. The most famous water springs are found in the village Apikia and are bottled under the label of Sariza. Others products of Andros include traditional sweets and cakes, the most famous are the amygdalota (sweets or cakes with almonds, looks a bit like marzipan) and kaltsounia (sweet pies). Cheese-making is also a traditional practice, made by old housewives.

Curing of sausage and preserved pork meats necessity a traditional process of preparation which is still made by old people. Everyone who goes to Andros must have a bite of the excellent meat. The excellent honey produce in Agios Petros is a must. Wine is another product which Andros is well-known for, especially the village of Sineti, which had a high reputation and a long tradition for its excellent wines. Andros products are characterized by strong taste and high nutritional value.