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Located in the Saronic Gulf, Poros island is separated from the Peloponnese mainland by a 200-meter-wide channel of water. It is formed by two islands, Kalavria and Spheria. Kalavria is larger in area than Spheria, which is volcanic in nature.

With a population of about 4,000 permanent inhabitants, Poros is a lovely, quiet place. The island is verdant and hilly and has a temperate climate thanks to the mild northern breeze blowing throughout the year.

The history of Poros goes back to prehistoric times. Archaeological evidence shows that Poros and Ancient Troezen were inhabited since the Bronze Age. In the 6th and 5th centuries BC, the island was the center of the Amphictyonic League, a political and religious alliance between Athens and towns of the Peloponnese. The Temple of Poseidon, which was built during those years and lies today in ruins, shows the great prestige of the island.

Poros also played a great role in the Greek War of Independence, when the Greeks met in Poros in 1828 to set the first Greek Constitution. Many sights of Poros, such as the enchanting mansions and the Russian Dockyard are reminiscent of the historical importance of Poros.

Nowadays, the island's economy is based mostly on tourism. Its proximity to Athens and its natural beauty make it the ideal holiday and weekend destination. Many hotels, shops, restaurants, and seaside cafes have been established to facilitate the vacationers.

The beaches of Poros are known for their clean waters. The most famous beach is Love Bay, a scenic landscape with crystal waters surrounded by lush greenery. Most beaches are organized and offer water sports.

Poros has developed a lot over the last years, in terms of tourist amenities. The island is about 1 hour from the port of Piraeus in Athens by hydrofoil and all ferries reach Poros Port, which is located in Poros Town. The town is small and has picturesque architecture, paved alleys, and a lovely promenade.

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25 Reviews
  • desan66 26 Aug 2011
    An hour away from big town
    Poros is one of the closest islands to Athens and a smart choice to escape a couple of days from the city centre. Idyllic beaches, lush vegetation and low hills are some of the things that complete the beauty of this small Saronic Island. In just 3km from the town is Askeli beach with beach bars and hotels. This is where we stayed for 4 days in Poros.

    There is a frequent bus from the town to Askeli-Monastiri on one side of the island and the Russian Dockyards on the other. We also visited the monastery up in the hill that dates back to the 18th century. There is only one club on the island but many bars.
  • islandlov 05 Feb 2011
    Full four days plan
    It is the second time I visit Poros. I really liked the island the first time and the thing is I couldn't stay for many days, so I decided to came again and enjoy more of the place. We stayed in the same room because we were very satisfied with the service. My only complain was that I didn't get to see the beaches and some of the monuments of the island last time. So we made a four-day plan to include them all in Poros.

    The first day we went to Love bay, a lovely beach that justifies its name. The beach is surrounded with pine trees and the water is so clean. There were buses all the time. The next day we went to Panagitsa, walking from Askeli. The place has a very romantic atmosphere and it is really quiet. Not actually a beach but a small rocky cove, next to a church, but it was very nice. The third day was dedicated to the Monastery of Zoodoxos Pigi. It is only 4km east from Poros, the most interesting part was the orphanage built in the monastery. This is the end of a bus route from the town. Finally the last day we took a long walk around the town, made some nice shopping and enjoyed a cold drink. At nights, we had the best fun in the bars in Askeli. Love the beach bars so much!
  • alexia 24 May 2010
    Short and lovely hideaway
    Everytime I come to Athens on work, I have made it a point to visit Poros. As much as I like Athens, especially after the Olympic Games which has dramatically transformed Athens into a lovely city and east to move, I am not much of a city dweller, and the fact that Poros is about an hour's journey from Athens gives me all the more reason to use Poros as a perfect getaway from the pressures of work.

    The best part of Poros, at least for me, is the beautiful thick forests that come right up to the edge of the beaches, and the food, which is simply fabulous and and they come at pretty reasonable rates too at the numerous family-owned taverns along the waterfront. My favorites are local delicacies, including grilled meat and fish, lachanodolmades (stuffed cabbage) and tiropita (cheese pies). The main street of Poros is along the channel that divides the island from Peloponnese and the area is bustling with activity all the time of the day. Sitting in the cafes by the channel and watching the goings on is one of the most relaxing pastimes for me.

    Best beaches are the Love Bay, Neorio and Askeli. I love each one for different reasons. Love Bay for the beautiful green nature, Neorio because it is in a walking distance from the town and Askeli for the jet hires and the sports. No need for a car or a motorbike as there are buses that serve the island very well.
  • akr 16 Feb 2010
    Lovely even for few days
    This is a nice island to go if you have only a few days. I was in Athens last October for a conference and I was crazy to go to a Greek island, so Poros (only an hour from Athens) seemed great for my two free days! I liked that people were still swimming in late October. Hotels seemed to close one by one because tourism season was over, but some were still open.

    I loved Askeli and Love Bay, the first for the clean water, the second for the green ambience. The Love Bay is an incredible place to relax, with view to the town and the port. There is a beach bar but no tavern. In Askeli, on the other side, there are plenty of taverns and hotels. Stay there to be close to the sea. It is wonderful to sit at the balcony in the middle of the night and hear of nothing else but the waves on the beach!

    Poros Town is actually like a village, but a beautiful village. With narrow paths and steps, lovely gift shops and cafeterias. Totally another atmosphere from our daily life!
  • tana 16 Dec 2009
    Ban cars from the port
    We went to Poros only for one day as we were travelling around Peloponnese. There are ferries in Galatas Argolida that take you to Poros in less than 5 minutes. Ferries run all the time, when one goes the next comes. Poros seemed to me very busy but lovely! The port was the best part of the island, with all these sailing boats and the small cafes on the row.

    All venues had tables on the street and you could see the people going up and down and the sunset. However, it was disturbing to hear the noise of the cars and buses. They spoiled the beauty of these moments. I think cars should be banned to enter the portside. Only buses and taxis should be allowed just to serve the people. If you do that, the place will look much more traditional.

    Near the port there was an open cinema and we watched movies under the stars. So romantic! This is an experience we can't enjoy back home. From the beaches of Poros, I mostly enjoyed Askeli. Although it was always crowded, you could still find room because the beach is so large. It also has the taverns with the best view. I suggest you find a hotel there, I think this is the only beach in Poros that has hotels.

    The Love Bay was also adorable but there were too much people in a very small bay. There are buses to Askleli and the Monastery all the time. Or otherwise, try motorbikes. We had car but ended up leaving it at the hotel. It was too difficult to find a parking seat and the roads were very narrow.
  • nickagap 10 Sep 2009
    Ideal place for spending holidays
    I've been to Poros several times and I think it is a wonderful place to spend your summer. Very close to Athens, offers wonderful landscapes, full of trees and various beaches. Indeed, few Greek islands are so green and unspoilt. And I most like Poros port in the evenings, with all these yachts and sailing boats and the traditional houses matching together and making a harmonical environment. However, there is a big problem with the traffic in the summer, due to the lack of parking places.
  • vasilikiang 15 Aug 2009
    Have low expectations
    I think the only positive thing about Poros is that it is very close to Athens (only 1 hour by hydrofoil) and that it has good transport between the town and the near beaches. Otherwise, I didn't feel any special or traditional vibe there. In August, it was very busy and far less traditional that I expected.

    Yes, Porosis a nice place for two or three days but do not have much expectations about the island. The best spot is the Love Bay, a tiny bay with blue green water and surrounded by huge lush trees. However, I felt the place was ruined by the umbrellas on the shore and the loud music of the beach bar.

    You will not find any impressive beaches on Poros, just some small coves with umbrellas. Askeli is the largest beach but far too crowded and tourist, crossed by a narrow long road with the beach onone side and hotels on the other.

    I was surprised on Poros that only the area around the town is developed. If you drive around the island, you will see large areas of pine trees and no houses for long. It is impressive that all activity is concentrated only in a small area and the rest of the island is so wild and pure.
  • stavrpap 18 Jun 2009
    Only for swimming
    Do not lose more than 3-4 days on Poros. There is nothing to do other than swimming. The good thing is that distances can be covered on foot, so you will not need taxis or buses or car rentals, except maybe for a few beaches. The only proper beaches on Poros are Askeli and Kanali. Not far from the town and organized. Our hotel was in Askeli and it had a ncie view. In the night, you could only hear the waves! Isn't it romantic? The only village was the town of Poros. Try the fish taverns in the port and walk up and down the waterfront, it is very nice in the sunset.Hydrofoils from Athens go and leave about every hour, so it was very easy for us to book a ticket. However, they were quite expensive! 20 euros only for one hour ride, it was much, right? Generally, hotels and ferries are expensive in Greece. It is lucky for them that they have beautiful islands...
  • raehumberstone 27 Mar 2009
    Feels like coming home
    Hi, I'm Rae and I'm from Oxford. Poros was the first Greek island my wife and I visited, back in 1999. Since then, we have stayed there in 2000, 2002 and 2007, as well as visiting for a day in 2003 (when staying in Athens). A hectic night-life is not our first priority (I'll be 60 in August!) so the laid-back life style of Poros suits us just fine. We stayed at the Saga Studios in '99, which was OK. It seems to have had a makeover since (according to Matt Barrett) and sounds even better now. We've stayed at the Kalimera Studios twice (excellent) and, in 2007, the Pavlou (very, very good). The best place to eat is probably Anna's, closely followed by Dimitri's and the Poseidon, although the Platanus (The Plain Tree) figures highly. In fact, we first met Anna when she worked with her husband, in the Poseidon, back in '99. Poros Taverna is also excellent.

    Here is a funny story (I hope!). On many visits I would sit by the waterfront having a mid-morning coffee and gaze at a large white house high on the wooded hill-side opposite and imagine it to be my dream home. One evening (during our last visit) I decided to view my "dream home" though the tele-photo lense of my camera, only to discover that it was in fact, a hospital!

    Best wishes,
  • teuhn90 04 Dec 2008
    No big nightlife
    Poros is a quiet and cosy island. Perfect if you want a relaxing break with a variety of tavernas but no big nightlife. We only went to one beach, Askeli - it was ok, not spectacular but we were mainly there for the swimming pool. It was nice to see lots of greenery in the background.
  • joni25 24 Oct 2008
    Get away and relax
    Unlike bigger islands, Poros is ideal for people who need to get away and relax. Go there if you ate trying to get away from everything, otherwise you might get bored. There is not a lot of things to do on the island. There are not many historical monasteries, except for the Monastery. Nightlife and restaurants are limited, but at least they are not as expensive as in other islands. Best tavern Anna's Restaurant. Best beach was Askeli. Just control the teenagers who play various sports on the beach, they play non-stop.
  • aliwall470 22 May 2008
    The best holiday
    We have just returned from Poros Island and have to say that it was the most relaxing holiday I have ever experienced. The locals are extremely friendly and the views spectacular. As we travelled independently from the UK it was alot easier than we had anticipated. We will certainly return again.
  • richardjck 21 Apr 2008
    Do not spoil it
    Poros is a magical place from lovely beaches, to pretty little streets in Poros town, friendy locals and wonderful restaurants, All that anyone needs to have a perfect holiday. To my mind, Neorio is the best beach. Poros is ideal for walking around. You don't necessarilly need a car, except if you want to explore its mountainous inland. Just be careful not to spoil this tiny island, leave it as lovely as you will find it.
  • Carrie_S 12 Feb 2008
    Peaceful and quiet
    Landscapes on Poros were great and local people were extremely kind. The authenticity of the island was obvious and the weather was perfect. Beaches were not the best in Greece, but they were peaceful and offered real relaxation.
  • Cristina_S 24 Dec 2007
    Crowded waterfront
    Poros is something like Egina, which was the first island we visited: a small port with a nice water front full of restaurants and shops, narrow streets with white houses behind the crowded water front, very hot weather, very good greek food, friendly, smiling local people. Generally I'd give it a 10! Very good tourist infrastructure, local transport, reasonable prices. What else could you need? The only thing is that when you arrive on the island by ferry, it's suddenly an explosion of people getting in and out of the ferry, looking for the right direction in a very narrow place, which is the water front line. I wish I could go for a walk along the water front without having to take care because of so many motorcycles. Too much traffic.
  • Richard_61 23 Oct 2007
    Just try it and enjoy it
    The Island of Poros is a magical place from lovely beaches (Neorio), to pretty little streets in Poros town, to friendy locals and wonderful restaurants and food, all that anyone would need to have a perfect holiday. I had been invited out to a wedding, sometimes there were 30 of us eating in local restaurants, sometimes 13 and occasionally only 2 of us, but everywhere we dined the food, service and atmosphere were superb. I stayed at the Hotel Pavlou at Neorio, the staff, the food, the swimming pool, their beach and rooms just wonderful, I shall return. Just try it and enjoy it!
  • Kelly_F 05 Jul 2007
    Covered in trees and nice beaches
    Hello, I'm from the USA and I'm 53 years old.
    I arrived on the island of Poros by boat with Flying Dolphin. The trip was very good with no delays.
    The reason I went to this island is because I considered Poros to be a logical choice since it was close to Athens
    The Island came out as expected without any surprises or disappointments. I really liked the area and the beautiful landscapes. It is a place covered in trees, with nice beaches and waters. My favorite beach was Aegli. The villages were pretty nice, and the local people very friendly. I very much enjoyed the food and the restaurants there. You could definitely say that island has authenticity, it is peaceful and quiet.
    The only, if you could say bad thing, is that the nightlife is limited, but the place is so nice that you like it there anyway. The only recommendations would be to improve on taxi services by increasing a number of available taxi vehicles.
  • C_Shankle 30 May 2007
    The local people were extremely kind
    In the summer of 2006 I visited Greece and the island of Poros. I arrived to the country by plane with a regular flight and by speed boat to the island. The trip was very good with no delays. I expected it to be quaint and beautiful, and it really was. A place you can call peaceful and quiet.

    The landscapes were great, and the local people were extremely kind and friendly. The authenticity of the island was obvious, and the weather was more than perfect.

    To me, beaches in Greece are not the best. They are crowded and often dirty, particularly on Poros. But I enjoyed swimming anyway. The best activity on the island was renting a 4-wheeler and exploring it.
    We loved Poros, but if you are looking for an active nightlife with dancing and clubs, I do not know that you can find it here. It is a wonderful, very laid-back atmosphere with friendly people.

    We loved renting the 4 wheeler and exploring every inch of the island. There are some beautiful views.
  • Carrie_S 12 Sep 2006
    Very laid back atmosphere
    Nationality: American

    Age: 31

    Countries visited: >5-10

    The trip: I took a boat to get to the island short and sweet trip.

    Reasons for going to Poros: I did a little research on the internet to get information about Poros

    Idea of the island/area before arriving: Expected it to be quaint and beautiful

    - Island/area: 9/10

    - Landscapes: 9/10

    - Tree Covered: 8/10

    - Beaches & waters: 7/10

    - Cleanliness: 7/10

    - Villages: 7/10

    - Main Town: 8/10

    - Food/ restaurants: 7/10

    - Nightlife: 6/10

    - Local people: 9/10

    - Accommodation: 8/10

    - Activities: 8/10

    - Excursions: N/A

    - Sightseeing: 9/10

    - Prices: 8/10

    - Public Transportation: N/A

    - Authenticity 10/10

    - Peace & quiet 10/10

    - Weather 10/10

    Best Beaches : They were a bit crowded

    Best Villages : Poros Town, of course.

    Best Activity : Renting a 4-wheeler and exploring the island

    Best Bar/Pub/Club : Did not really go to any

    Best Restaurant : Can't remember the names of any, but we did not have anything bad

    Negative opinion: We loved Poros, but if you are looking for an active nightlife with dancing and clubs, I do not know that you can find it here. It is a wonderful, very laid-back atmosphere with friendly people

    Recommendations: We loved renting the 4 wheeler and exploring every inch of the island. There are some beautiful views.

    Would you come back: We never go anywhere more than once, but if we did, we would certainly come back!!!!

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 9/10.

  • m7retsina 17 Aug 2006
    Poros 2006 - Love it!
    A very quick boat ride from Piraeus (50 minutes) to the island port.

    The island is very green and the vistas truly compliment the fantastic views of water and sky. view the hotel

    The New Aegli Hotel is located about 6 minutes ride from the port. Situated in a gulf like setting right on the beach. I will consider the hotel a 3 star but the building is well maintained. Each room has full view of the water, built in a triangle like setting. Their bathrooms are small, small refrigerator, Greek TV (not one of the best in the world) but does offer an English speaking channel and CNN. Hair dryer, a/c and large closet. Chairs with table in each balcony.

    The rooms were spotless and the staff were very friendly, accommodating, and family oriented. The rate for August was about 75 Euros including breakfast. Truly ideal for people that are looking to get away in a budget.

    The hotel has one major restaurant, extending on a huge terrace with the view of blue water and sky helping you clear your mind and relax. They have one bar, with terrace and a lobby were the guests gather in the evening to watch the huge plasma TV, have a drink or chat.

    We enjoyed being there and I would love to go back.

  • gregorybaser 19 Oct 2005
    Just a few of ideas of days away from the island
    For an easy few hours away from the island, take either the car ferry or one of the many small boats across to the mainland and the village of Galatas, here you will find another real working town, where there are many local shops, nice cafes and tavernas.

    If you want to venture further, again on the mainland there is Lemonadasos (lemon grove), to get there it is best to get a taxi from Galatas, to the Taverna at the top of the groves, have the best tasting glasses of lemon in one of the most traditional tavernas I have been in, and then make your way through the groves (60 mins) to the main road, either pick up a taxi to the town, go to the Poros marina and get a boat back to the island or walk back into the town (45 mins)and get a boat from there.

    For a trip around the island which includes lunch, try the 2 brothers boattrip. A good day out with 2 lots of deep water swimming.

    The Classical tour trip is worth doing, althought it is a little expensive.

  • gregorybaser 17 Oct 2005
    Tavernas on Poros, a personal view
    I not had a bad meal on Poros but here is my list of favorites:-

    (In all of these tavernas try their own locally produced Retsina or wine)

    KARAVALOS (the Snail), located in Poros town, all year round family run taverna offering great food with a great atmoshphere. Try any of the great starters, the village sausage and of course, the snails.

    DIMITRIOS BUTCHER SHOP TAVERNA, in Poros town great meat, great view.

    PLATANOS, in Poros town near the church, fantastic spit roasted pork.

    OASIS, located on the front, more international menu with great fresh fish, the best OCTOPUS on the island and a great crew of waiters.

    SPIROS, located just past past the canal, turn right towards nerion, the best fish restaurant on the island - try the fish platter for 2.


    MOSCOANNIES, located in Poros town, up to you to find it, real Greek food served to local people, an old established canteena great atmosphere, good, good food


    SOUVLAKI CORNER, in the town, quick easy food at a suprisingly low price
  • gregorybaser 17 Oct 2005
    My own view of the beaches
    Not the best beaches, most sand is imported, but they do have great water.


    Russian bay offers good swimming, a taverna and is a family beach.

    Love Bay feels funky and is in a great location.

    Nerion has the feel of a town beach with a range of tavernas and accomadation nearby and its own watersport centre.

    Canali beach has tavernas is a safe place for children to swim, this is used by many of the local people.

    Askeli beach has watersports, tavernas and in my view great swimming (my favorite beach).

    Monetsory beach has tavernas and good deep water swimming.
  • gregorybaser 17 Oct 2005
    Poros Island
    I have known this island for over 20 years, it does not have the best beaches, the best nightlife and has many tacky tourist shops BUT it has a real charm all of its own, walk 10 yards back from the hustle and bustle of the main road and walk into the peace and quite of a real living Greek village, full of people just getting on with their lives. Take a morning to sit in one of the many cafes on the front and watch the ferries come and go, and just people watch. Take an hour to swim in the crystal clear waters on one the many beaches in the back island. Watch the sunset over the hills on the mainland, see the red scream across the sea and the sun dissapear until tomorrow. Later eat in one the many, many great tavernas on the island (I have not had a bad meal on Poros). If you want to go on talking, drinking and dancing visit any one of the nightclubs on the island and if you want to see the sunrise, either climb to the top of the island or go to a nightclub with the right view. Poros has everything for me, it is both quite and noisy, you can walk everywhere but there are inexpensive taxis available day and night and 2 buses which run throughout the day. Because of its proximity to Athens, it still retains an essential Greekness missing from many of the more visited islands. It has a special feel all of its own. It has my heart.
  • alex_in 26 Sep 2005
    Oasis of peace and beauty
    Last summer I made a round trip on all the islands of the Argo-Saronic. I had already been to Hydra, which I really like, so I decided to stay longer on Poros where I had never been.

    I rented a room in Poros Town and I enjoyed five days of complete relaxation. I visited various traditional mountainous villages as well as some lovely fishing ones. I walked around the streets and alleys of the capital and admired the beautiful squares, the many churches and the wonderful houses with their narrow windows and their wooden balconies. I also swim in the crystal clear waters of the island and laid down on soft sand and multicoloured pebbles of numerous beaches.