Poros Geography

Poros is located between the Argonic and the Saronic Gulfs, being part of the group of islands called the Argosaronic islands that belong to the prefecture of Attica. Located in the Aegean Sea, Poros comprises two islands connected by a narrow channel. Kalavria (ancient Kalavria) is the most extended area, and Sferia (ancient Sphaeria), to the south, is the small promontory where the island's capital is situated. Poros is located 32 nautical miles from Piraeus and it is separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow channel of 250 meters. Due to this close distance, the history of Poros was always connected to the history of the neighboring mainland.

The island has an area of 31 sq km and a coastline of 43 kilometers, which is quite rough along the west and the southwest (facing the Peloponnese) and becomes even rougher and exposed to the open sea along the east. Its western coast is sheltered with good anchorage whereas its eastern coast is more exposed to the winds. The capital of Poros is Poros Town which is also the main port of the island, where most of the nearly 4,000 people are concentrated. The rest of the population lives in the nearby villages of Askeli and Neorio, while a big part of the mainland in Kalavria is uninhabited.

The geography of Poros features many interesting spots from where you can enjoy the entire Saronic Gulf. The island is volcanic and very mountainous. Its highest peak is Mount Vigla, rising at an altitude of 360 meters, which offers a panoramic view over Aegina, Agistri, and Athens to the north and over the Argolida peninsula to the west. Poros is covered with dense and verdant vegetation, especially on the southern shores, which are full of tall, thick pines, olive, almond and fig trees as well as vineyards. The north and east shores of the island are not as densely covered. A very famous forest in Poros is the Lemon Forest, a lush green area with lemon trees close to Galatas.

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