Poros Local products

Discover the local products of Poros!

Poros produces a variety of local products from its vast pine and lemon forests. The most well-known product of Poros that has become a trademark is the Lemonodasos Lemonade. With fresh lemons from the Lemon Forest, Lemonodasos has created a number of homemade lemon-based beverages mixed with other Greek fruit and plants.

Furthermore, Poros has a long tradition of retsina distillation, the famous Greek wine made with pine tar. Based in the main town of Poros, wineries, such as Porou Ampelos, blend old traditions with modern technique to create an unforgettable taste of retsina.

Poros also produces a traditional sweet, often encountered on the other Saronic Islands as well, called amygdaloto. Its main ingredients are almonds and sugar, but each island adds its own twist to it and Poros is no different! Amygdaloto resembles a cookie with an almond placed in the middle, that is complementary to coffee and is fairly healthy.

Other than these specialties you can also see a smaller production of other local products in Poros. These include tomatoes and raisins, citrus from the Lemon Forest, and olive oil.