Poros Lemon Forest

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Location: Galatas

This renowned lemon forest - the only one in Greece - is situated opposite the port of Poros on the shores of the Peloponnese. In May, the whole town of Poros is engulfed in the heavenly scent of its blossoms. The Lemon Tree Forest (Lemonodasos in Greek) was immortalized in Kosmas Politis' 1930 story of the same name, which captured its unique atmosphere.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, it significantly contributed to the flourishing of the local economy, as Poros exported large quantities of lemons to such commercial centers as Istanbul, Smyrna, and Thessaloniki. Its flourishing lasted till the 1970s when the picking became rather unprofitable. After that, several of the orchards were abandoned and some of the trees died.

Today, the Lemon Forest is made up of hundreds of small orchards, some of which are fenced. Though it no longer resembles what Kosmas Politis had described in his story, it is a great place for hiking as the dense lemon and orange trees give an ethereal beauty and simplicity to the landscape. Among them, you can also find scattered olives, pomegranates, loquats and cypresses, which add to the beauty of the place. Ambling through the Forest is pure joy to those who enjoy walking close to nature.

Nested between the trees you can find picturesque watermills and there is also a wonderful waterfall within the area. Tourists who bicycle to see the old temple at Trizina travel through this enchanting lemon forest, which is an awe-inspiring experience. The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi offers a magnificent view of the lemon forest from the hills.



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