Poros Municipal Library

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Founded in 1976, the Hatzopoulios Poros Public Library boasts an impressive selection of books, as well as a unique exhibition called Shells and the Sea.

It was initially kept within the premises of the town hall, but, since 1994, it has been housed in a beautiful neoclassical building erected over the ruins of the old school of Poros. The construction of this two-storey edifice was made possible thanks to a donation from Aleksandros and Katina Hatzopoulos, which is why it has been named after them. Today, it houses more than 9,500 titles covering all interests, topics and ages, as well as documentaries and other educational DVDs. It has wings with books in English, French and German too, so that it is often visited not only by the locals but also by visitors to the island. Most of the books come from donations, and the collection is constantly being enriched.

What is more, it hosts various cultural activities, scientific congresses and seminars taking place on the island, and is involved in the publication of historical and literary works in collaboration with the Municipality of Poros.

Shells and the Sea

The Municipal Library also houses the Poros Shell Museum, the only comprehensive museum of its kind in the whole country. Its aim is to introduce visitors to the fascinating yet fragile underwater world and its inhabitants. Seashells have always attracted humans since the Paleolithic times, but, at the same time, they present considerable scientific interest. They provide us with a wealth of information about the changes our planet has been undergoing for millions of years, as well as about the evolution of life, climate change and the geological development of the Earth. This permanent exhibition is based on the extensive material gathered by Giorgos and Helga Kanellakis from the waters of Poros and is curated by the Department of Historical Geology and Paleontology of the University of Athens. Additionally, it has been enriched with geological, volcanic and archaeological findings from the wider region of the Southern Aegean. It is completed by a series of photographic representations of the seabed surrounding the island.

It can be reached through a flight of stairs leading from the port to the famous Clock Tower, which lies less than 200 meters from the Library.



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