Poros Poseidon Temple

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Location: Vayionia

The Temple of Poseidon is situated in the northern part of Poros. What remains of this sanctuary today is mere ruins. It used to be the center of the Calaurian amphictyony that functioned as a voluntary alliance formed by the city-states of Epidaurus, Prassiai, Hermione, Aegina, Athens, Nauplia and Orhomenus for the resolution of religious as well as civic issues. It is generally believed to date back to the year 520 BC, while some claim that it was built even earlier than that.

The main temple is built in the Doric style, having 6 columns on its short side and 12 on the long side; however, some of its columns reflect Ionian influences. The dimensions of the temple are 27.4 x 14.4 meters.

In his book "Poros and its History", Giannis Poulakis writes "The Temple of Poseidon soon developed into a prestigious Panhellenic place of worship and became a center where many Hellenic cities founded the first and most powerful amphictyony in the Hellenic world". Its significance is also revealed by the fact that it formed an isosceles triangle with the Temple of Athena Aphaia in Aegina and that of Poseidon in Sounio. Demosthenes, the great ancient orator, came to the temple of Poseidon seeking sanctuary when he was being persecuted by King Philip of Macedonia. He killed himself here by drinking hemlock in 322 BC.

The Temple of Poseidon once contained several statues but they have all been stolen or destroyed over time. For example, the statue of Poseidon was estimated to be 5 meters high. All that now remains of it is the foot: a 70-centimeter-long piece, which is housed at the Archaeological Museum of Poros.



2 Reviews
  • Nicky 01 Apr 2024
    Fascinating historic site
    A really fascinating and yet strange place. It has an eerie silence and you feel when you are walking around it that you are steeped in history.
    Worth a visit when you are on the island.
  • T 13 Oct 2023
    The ancient olive tree of Poros
    We visited this sacred place that is protected by a wire fence. It sits atop a rolling hill. A chill swept over me as I walked the grounds. There was a sense of quiet, peace only broken by the thousands of bees that swarm a single tree. And then there was this ancient olive tree that stood out among the others. It held wisdom that can only be described standing in its presence.