Poros Festivals & Cultural Events

Poros has various annual religious feasts, accompanied by traditional music and dancing, as well as local delicacies and drinks. Though a small island, it is also home to major cultural events.

Religious feasts and festivals

First Friday after Easter (movable feast)
The historic monastery of Zoodochos Pigi celebrates on the first Friday after Easter. The celebration attracts a large number of visitors and is followed by an open feast.

June 4
The celebration of Panagia Eleousa takes place on the 4th of June. On the previous day, a popular panigiri is organized on the beautiful Plaka Beach, with live music and dancing, and street vendors putting up stalls overflowing with sweets and toys.

June 24
It is on the feast day of Saint John the Forerunner that an old custom revives in the neighborhoods of Poros: known as Klidonas, this practice involves people jumping over fires. Its roots can be traced back to pre-Christian times when people celebrated the summer solstice and the change of seasons. The fire was believed to have cathartic powers, driving away all that is bad. During the feast, there is also an abundance of delicious mezes, music and dancing.

August 6
On this day, people celebrate the Transfiguration of Jesus the Savior with an open panigiri.

Cultural events

In an effort to promote sports tourism, the Municipality of Poros, the company WHYNOT and the Saronic Triathlon Club have established this 2-day multi-sport event right at the beginning of summer. It includes triathlon, aquathlon, swimming and running races for children and adults alike.

Nautical Week
Taking place every two years, around the end of June or the beginning of July, it comprises a plethora of artistic events, sailing exhibitions and sports competitions.

International Piano Festival
During the last ten days of August, the island of Poros hosts the annual International Summer Piano Academy and Festival ‘Anastasios Leimonis’. Eminent professors and pianists from all over the world come here to teach dozens of Greek and foreign piano students, offering unforgettable nights to hundreds of spectators.

Poros Craft Festival
The Poros Craft Festival started in 2018 as a joke between friends but ended up becoming a great summer experience that makes a comeback every July. Activities include crafts for kids, exhibitions and workshops.

Poros Arts Festival
The widely popular Poros Arts Festival has been held annually since 2013 to showcase remarkable local as well as international artists. Lasting three whole months, from July to September, it transforms the island into a cultural hub of the Saronic Gulf, consisting of a broad range of theatrical performances, film showings, street art or photo exhibitions, concerts, folk dances, Latin dance lessons, and much more.