Poros ports

In brief, the port in the main town of Poros is the only port on the island. Travelers can also reach Poros with boats from Gatalas, which do not moor at Poros Port.

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The only ferry port of Poros is located in the main town, on its western corner, overlooking the Peloponnese. The port is surrounded by the Sferia mainland and the mountains of Troizinia, creating a small canal that is discernible as you pass through it by boat. It is one of the biggest ports of the Saronic Gulf, that invites a great number of ships, especially over the summer, due to its proximity to Athens and the other Saronic islands.

Crossings from Piraeus to Poros are frequent since the island-pair is a popular weekend getaway destination for Athenians, with ferry trips taking less than 3 hours to complete. Trips from and to Poros from islands, such as Hydra, Spetses, or Aegina also occur on an everyday basis, making Poros an ideal starting point, if you are interested in island hopping.

The nearby Galatas Village is also an important crossing point to Poros. The trips are frequent and very short in duration (less than ten minutes). A trip from Poros to Galatas allows travelers to explore the Peloponnese without venturing far from their starting point.

How to get there


The roads in the main town of Poros are well-maintained and a team of ten taxis operate near the port all year long; however, they might be harder to find during the winter months. 
To schedule a pick-up with a driver, you can call (0030) 22980 23003.

Water taxi/ boat

Due to the island-pair’s coastal nature, the municipality of Poros has managed to create frequent water taxi rides that connect all the key villages and beaches of Poros with the main town. The starting point of every route is the port of Poros, more specifically the Monument to the Fallen Heroes, from where you can reach the most noteworthy areas of both Sferia and Kalavria, as well as the nearby town of Galatas.

Public Bus

The bus is free for all to use from morning until noon, operating every 20 minutes, with a circular route to the main town. The starting point is at the port’s parking area, however anyone can embark from any point of the route.


Some accommodations may allow guests to book their transfer from and to the hotel and the port. Contacting your accommodation in advance is highly recommended.

Car rentals

Car rentals are scarce in Poros, however there are a few small offices in the town and some beaches that handle car or motorcycle rentals. Furthermore, a few car rentals in the opposing village of Galatas offer guests the chance to book a car or motorcycle and have it delivered in Poros at an additional cost.

Port facilities

The port of Poros is capable of accommodating a variety of ships, from small yachts to large ferries, spanning a long paved coastline that was rebuilt in 2021. With the installments of lighthouses and a modern signaling system, Poros Port is deemed one of the safest ports in the Saronic Gulf. This is also because the local port authorities operate close to it and are constantly in touch with locals and the police station. The port also contains a small parking area that is free to use.

Good to know

Poros has a certain number of small ports close to its beaches, as well as an old naval base of the Russian Navy. However, these ports are not organized and do not welcome ferries, but mostly small boats or yachts, owned by locals.