Saronic Architecture

Information about the Architecture of Saronic islands, in Greece but also information about Greek architecture in many islands of the group: The Saronic islands are famous for their rich history that is reflected in their architecture and archaeological wealth. The Argo Saronic islands offer all kinds of Greek architecture.

Aegina island is one of the most popular Greek islands during the summer, as it is located next to Athens. It is a small island with a strong neoclassical character and high archaeological interest. Around the port, there are well-preserved mansions and other beautiful buildings where you can drink your coffee or have a nice lunch as well as many Byzantine churches in the countryside. In Aegina, one can visit the famous Aphaia temple.

On Hydra island, the famous cosmopolitan island of the Saronic Gulf is the embodiment of neoclassical architecture. The fact that it has been declared a preservable settlement makes the island even more attractive. It is quite peaceful during the day considering that cars are excluded from the island. Equally stunning is Spetses, the island of picturesque beauty and elegant Saronic architecture.

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