Saronic Geography

Information about the Geography of Saronic islands, in Greece: The Saronic is known from antiquity as many historical settlements were created throughout the ages. It is located between Attica prefecture and Peloponnese and is the most important maritime center in Greece. The Saronic Gulf includes the Greek islands of Aegina island, Poros island, Agistri, Spetses, and Hydra island and smaller rocky islets. Their coasts are embellished with beautiful beaches with crystalline waters and golden sand. Being a short breath away from Athens, the capital of Greece, visitors use these Greek islands as a great escape from the city mostly during the weekends.

The geography of Saronic islands offers numerous attractions like the spectacular waterfronts of the islands, the fascinating cliff spots, lush green forests, beautiful coves, long beaches with crystalline waters and mountain peaks to enjoy a breathtaking view to the sea. The islands of Saronic are known for old-age tradition, picturesque settlements and steep paths which are ideal for some adventurous activities. Its stunning location and close proximity to Peloponnese Greece offers visitors a unique experience to travel around its coasts and meet some beautiful areas.

Geography on each island

Information about the geography of the islands of Saronic: