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Information about the local Products of Saronic islands, in Greece but also information about local products in many islands of the group: Saronic islands have managed to retain their authentic character and age-old traditions. The gifted nature of these islands has been highly important for their economic development and reputation. Located just a breath away from Athens, these Greek islands are an ideal escape from the busy center.

Known for their exquisite environment and lush green nature, the Saronic islands grow a great number of fresh products, of excellent quality and taste. Aegina is on top of the list for the famous pistachio trees which are cultivated for centuries, mainly on Aegina island. They are the oldest known tree varieties and its fruit, pistachio nuts are used extensively in many recipes around the world. Its neighboring island, the beautiful Agistri is also characterized for its pine resin, olive oil, oregano, and fruits.

Of excellent quality are the traditional sweets of Hydra island (almond nougat, marzipans) and other local delicacies and treats you will find in many pastry shops. Poros island is equally interesting for its local products with a great variety of fresh fish, fruits and good meat offering many tasteful dishes in the restaurants around the island.

Finally, Spetses island will impress you with the great amygdalota, honey and the lovely lemon liqueur with its refreshing sweet taste. The Saronic islands are also famous for their traditional workshops in ceramic and silverware art. Saronic products are in high demand and can be found everywhere in Greece.

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