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Information about the Beaches in Saronic islands, in Greece but also information about beaches in many islands of the group: The Greek islands of the Saronic Gulf are not famous for their large beaches, but for the small relaxing coves. The Saronic beaches in Aegina and Poros are the longest and best organized sandy beaches. Agia Marina and Souvala in Aegina, as well as Askeli in Poros, are the most organized beaches in Saronic, surrounded by hotels, taverns, and water sports centers. The most beautiful beaches are located on Agistri Island and beaches like Halikiada are considered to be among the top places for swimming in the country.

The beaches of the Saronic islands of Hydra, Spetses, and Agistri are not that developed, but they offer a relaxing landscape. Most beaches in Hydra are accessible by boat and in Spetses by bus that runs the entire island. In Agistri, there are beautiful beaches within a short bus ride or just a walking distance from the port.

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List of the best 5 beaches on Saronic islands

The islands of the Saronic Gulf have small and lovely beaches, ideal for families and people looking for relaxing moments. Aegina, Agistri, and Poros have wide bays, while beaches in Hydra and Spetses are smaller. Here are some nice Saronic beaches that we suggest: Love Bay and Askeli in Poros, Skala beach in Agistri, and more.

Love bay

Love Bay

One of the most picturesque beaches on Poros island, the Love Bay is truly a place for romance. Surrounded by green pine trees that reach the seashore, the water in Love Bay is blue-green and crystal. There is a beach bar that offers sunbeds, umbrellas, and refreshing drinks. Due to its small size and large popularity, this beach usually gets very busy.

Skala beach

Skala beach

Skala is the central and most tourist beach in Agistri, this small island of the Saronic Gulf. This is a nice, sandy beach with crystal waters. This beach is also organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and a watersports center, making it a relaxing place to swim. Close to Skala, there are other smaller coves to enjoy some beautiful beach moments.

Askeli beach

Askeli beach

Askeli is the largest and most touristy beach on Poros island, Saronic Gulf. However, due to its large size, it does not get crowded and always has room for more visitors. Partly organized, Askeli beach is lined up with many restaurants and hotels, while it also has some watersports centers with fun games. There is a frequent bus from the port of Poros to Askeli all day long.

Marathon beach

Halikiada beach

Located in a secluded spot within a walking distance of the port of Skala, Halikiada beach is an unorganized beach frequented by naturists. Until a couple of years ago, this beach was a free camping spot but now free camping is not allowed for environmental reasons. To go there, visitors have to climb down the cliff, which is pretty inconvenient, but the crystal water is totally rewarding.

Marathonas beach

Marathon beach

On the western side of Aegina island, south of the main town is the lovely, and family beach of Marathon. With sand and a few soft pebbles, Marathon beach has a shallow shore for children and some shade. Lined up with seaside taverns, this is a great place to spend some relaxing moments on the beach. Part of the beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas.

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