Greece Weather

Weather in Greece is fairly uniform throughout the mainland and the Greek islands. Due to its geographical position, Greece has mild winters and warm summers, cooled by different kind of seasonal winds. The summers are characterized by sunshine and very little rainfall: great temperatures and successful summer holidays guaranteed in Greece!

The weather of the Aegean islands and the Ionian seas is milder. Some regions are characterized by the Meltemi, a summer wind which blows mostly the islands of the Aegean and offers perfect wind conditions for sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.
You will find below information the average temperatures in Greece as well as information about the weather in many locations of Greece and the Greek islands.


Best time to visit Greece

For a beach holiday, the best time to visit Greece is in July and August, August beeing the most busy and hotest month of the year.
In general, in order to avoid the crowds and high temperatures (up to 100°F/+40°C), the best time to visit Greece would be between mid-Apr to mid-June and between early September to mid-October. The closest month to August and the hotter it will be.
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Weather in popular destinations:

Average Air Temperature in °C
Months Athens Corfu Heraklion Rhodes
April 15 14.2 15.7 16
May 21.4 19.2 20.2 20.3
June 27.8 24.6 25.9 25.6
July 28.7 27.8 26.4 27.4
August 27.2 25.5 26.1 26.8
September 24.2 21.8 24.5 25
October 16.8 17.4 18.9 20.2



Days of Precipitation per year
Athens Corfu Heraklion Rhodes
55 147 86 74


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