Map of Greece & the islands

Located on the southeastern side of Europe, near Turkey, Greece is a mountainous peninsula with many inhabited and uninhabited islands. Due to its large number of islands, the country has the longest coastline in Europe and the eleventh longest coastline in the world.

Where is Greece? View below an interactive map of Greece.
View also a simple map of Greece. In this map of Greece, you can see Athens, the capital of Greece, which is located almost in the center of the country. Greece has a mainland corps with large mountains and few valleys and it is surrounded by two main seas, the Aegean Sea on the east and the Ionian Sea on the west. These two large seas are divided into smaller gulfs and include many islands. As you can see, the largest Greek island is Crete. Large in size are also the islands of Evia, Rhodes, Lesvos, Kefalonia, and Chios.
Apart from this general map of Greece, we have also prepared maps for all the island groups, islands and mainland destinations that we present on our website.

You will find below an interactive map of Greece. Just select your destination and view points all the points of interest. For every island and location, we have added points for villages, beaches, ports, airports and important sightseeings.

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Map Of Greece