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Corfu is one of the most famous islands in Greece thanks to its major historical interest and unique natural beauty. The Ionian island is blessed with a rich verdant environment and gorgeous landscape that attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. The Venetian town of Corfu is a spectacle itself and counts on unique architectural marvels which are considered some of the best-preserved buildings in Europe.


Corfu map

Map of Corfu

Where is Corfu? Corfu is the second-largest island in the Ionian Sea and the seventh-largest in Greece. It is one of the northernmost parts of Greece as its northern coasts are part of the Adriatic Sea, while at a short distance from the island lie Albanian coasts. It covers an area of 592 km2 and its coastline reaches a length of 217 km. The beautiful surroundings of Corfu consist of idyllic beaches, green hills, and charming scenery. The inhabited monasteries and picturesque houses that are scattered along its mountainsides give breathtaking views of the sea. The lively resorts of Corfu, like Benitses and Paleokastritsa, will gift you a sense of a cosmopolitan atmosphere but the quieter villages are characteristic examples of the local tradition.
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