Greece Culture holidays

Greece is a country with rich culture that is evident in any aspect of the country, from the archaeological sites and monuments till everyday life in the villages. The long history of the country and the many occupations from enemies in the Medieval times, such as the Venetian and Turkish occupation, has left a strong impact on the culture of the locals.

Organize your culture holidays in Greece: All around the country, visitors can see impressive archaeological sites that date mostly from the Classical and the Roman times. The oracle of Delphi, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the Sanctuary and Stadium of Olympia, the Minoan Palace of Knossos and the Acropolis of Athens are only few of these important Greek ancient sites. In fact, many of these places have been declared by Unesco as World Heritage Sites. Next to these sites, there are usually museums that exhibit findings from the excavations there.

On your sightseeing walk in Greece, you will also see during your culture holidays many important historical monuments, spread around the mainland and the islands. Dating from various periods from the ancient till the recent years, these monuments can be castles, churches, monasteries, watch towers from the Hellenistic or the Venetian times, Neoclassical buildings or even lighthouses.

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Another characteristic aspect of the Greek culture is the kafenion. The traditional coffee place in Greece is addressed to men only and it is usually found in the village square. This is where men go in the mornings and the afternoons to drink a coffee and chat. Although this tradition is not very usual in the towns anymore, it is still very vivid in villages and the islands.

Part of the Greek culture is also the panigiria, these special events that are celebrated on the occasion of the name day of the church's saint. The traditional panigiria in the villages include litany of the saint's icon in the streets of the village, kiosks that sell products, clothes or toys, eating traditional dishes, drinking and dancing in the village square. The most famous island for Panigiria is Ikaria.

Apart from these panigiria that are very popular all year round, many cultural events and Festivals that also take place in summer, in almost all towns and islands in Greece. These cultural events include traditional dancing, art exhibitions, lectures on local issues, theatre performances and musical concerts.

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