Gay holidays in Greece & the islands

Many people choose Greece every year as their holiday destination. Greece offers a wide range of activities and possibilities for all kind of preferences. In fact, a new kind of tourism, the gay and lesbian tourism, has made its appearance these last years in Greece and the  islands.

It was not long ago, but in the last few years that gay and lesbian tourism has increased in Greece. It is true that the Greek people are quite conservative when it comes to gay and lesbian people. The Greek society is not so open-minded as for gay and lesbian relationships and their interactions with straight people. However, there are some areas and resorts where homosexuality is largely accepted.

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Information about gay holidays

Mykonos island is the top destination for gay holidays in Greece and among the most popular gay resorts in the world. There are numerous gay-friendly hotels and clubs on the island. Gay and lesbian people feel free to express themselves and their choices. They do not have a problem neither with the locals nor with other visitors to the island.

The same stands for other areas and islands for gay holidays, such as Lesvos island, Malia in Crete island, Kavos in Corfu island, Faliraki in Rhodes island and Gazi neighborhood in Athens. Of course, this does not mean that if a gay person goes in another Greek island or area, there will be any kind of discrimination; it just means that the aforementioned are the resorts where most gay people go and where organized gay facilities exist.

Apart from gay-friendly hotels and gay and lesbian clubs, there are also travel agencies that organize gay tours around Greece and the Greek islands. Travelers stay in gay-friendly hotels and receive pieces of advice on the gay clubs and the gay beaches of the island or the area. These travel agencies are members of the I.G.L.T.A. (International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association) and the I.S.G.L.M.P. (International Society of Gay and Lesbian Meeting Professionals). They activate in gay events and get informed about the latest news and demands of gay and lesbian tourism.

Surf our websites to learn more about the gay and lesbian destinations in Greece and the islands, to book in gay-friendly hotels and get informed about gay facilities in Greece.

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