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General information

Kipi village Zagoria: Kipi is a Zagorian village built on the footsteps of the Vikos Gorge. Kipi has its buildings constructed following the traditional Zagorian architecture. Almost all of these buildings and alleys are made of stone.

The bridges in the nearby area, that connect the village to the rest of Zagoria, are also stone-built and have two or three arches. The surrounding nature has a variety of trees and beautiful flowers of all colors. The landscape is mainly mountainous. Excursions can be organized to admire the slopes of the Vikos Gorge and stroll around the forest.

A good place to visit in Kipi is the museum of Agapios Tolis. This folk art museum has an amazing collection of approximately 40,000 items, dating from the two previous centuries. Kipi is a lovely village, where tourists can enjoy the incredible nature, panoramic views and the hospitality of the residents.

Hotels in Kipi

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Traditional Houses Suites 

Amanitis accommodation complex offers eight different suites, each decorated in a distinct style recreating traditional design and a warm atmosphere, and of course including all the necessary elements to make your stay particularly comfortable and enjoyable. All of the suites are tastefully ...



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Machalas hotel is an unbreakable element of the landscape and integrates into its activities all the modern luxurious comforts you wish for your holiday. Their main priority is your accommodation!


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