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Tsepelovo village Zagoria: Tsepelovo is a well- preserved village and actually the biggest of Zagoria. It is located 50km away from Ioannina. Tourism facilities are widely developed in Tsepelovo, offering different various options in terms of food, entertainment and accommodation. Walking through this charming village is an incredible experience.

The cobbled roads will guide you to old mansions, ancient churches, beautiful houses and stone bridges. All constructions are built in the zagorian architectural style. The church of St. Nikolaos, in the middle of the square, impresses tourists with its wall paintings, made by painters from Kapesovo in 1786. The church has twelve domes and sixteen arches. In the yard of the church, you will find the grave of the poet Ioannis Vilaras.

You can also visit the house of the actors Dimitrios and Marika Kotopouli as well as the mansion of Radou, a fighter that helped the Greek War of Independence. Tsepelovo is also ideal for trekkers. The forest and mountains that surround the village create an attractive landscape to relax. The rich vegetation, the watermills, the lakes and the old bridges give Tsepelovo a distinguished environment. Some hiking trails start from Tsepelovo and lead to Drakolimni, Vradeto and the Vikos Gorge.

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